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What was the growth target of the 11th Five Year Plan?

What was the growth target of the 11th Five Year Plan?

Explanation: The growth target of the 11th five plan of India was 8.1% while it managed to achieve only 7.9%.

What was the annual growth rate of the 11th five year plan?

New Delhi: India has recorded an average annual economic growth rate of 8% during the 11th Five-Year Plan (2007-12), compared with the targeted 9%, Parliament was informed on Thursday.

What was India’s economic growth rate in the 11th 5 year Plan?

Eleventh Five Year Plan: Its main theme was “rapid and more inclusive growth”. It achieved a growth rate of 8% against a target of 9% growth.

What is growth in five year plan?

The Twelfth Five-Year Plan of the Government of India has been decided to achieve a growth rate of 9% but the National Development Council (NDC) on 27 December 2012 approved a growth rate of 8% for the Twelfth Plan.

What was the growth rate of agriculture in the 11th plan?

Agriculture GDP growth has accelerated to 3.3% in 11th plan.

What percentage of industrial growth is expected to be achieved as per objective of 11th five year plan?

Eleventh Plan (2007-12) During Eleventh Five Year Plan targeted growth of industrial production is set at 10 percent per annum and manufacturing sector growth target is set at 12 percent per annum.

What was the growth rate of agriculture in 11th plan?

Was the second five year plan successful?

Second plan, 1932–1937 As was the case with the other five-year plans, the second was not as successful, failing to reach the recommended production levels in such areas as the coal and oil industries.

What is the aim of Fifth Five Year Plan?

Fifth Five Year Plan (1974 -1979) The Fifth Five Year Plan India was chalked out for the period spanning 1974 to 1979 with the objectives of increasing the employment level, reducing poverty, and attaining self-reliance.

When did India launch five year plan for all round economic development of the country in?

April 1951
1.1. 1 The launching of the First Five Year Plan in April 1951 initiated a process of development aimed not only at raising the standard of living of the people but also opening out to them new opportunities for a richer and more varied life.

What is the average growth rate in the 11th plan?

According to the Eleventh Plan documents the task of achieving an average growth rate of around 9 percent in the 11th plan is macro economically feasible. In fact, the scenarios show that even 10 percent growth rate is achievable with a strong fiscal effort that is difficult but not impossible.

What is the average growth rate in the 10th Plan period?

The average growth rate in the last four Years of 10th Plan period ( 2003 – 04 to 2006 – 07 ) is likely to be a little over 8%, making the growth rate 7.2% for the entire 10th Plan period. Though, this is below the 10th Plan target of 8%, it is the highest growth rate achieved in any plan period.

What is the difference between Tenth Plan and Eleventh Plan?

In order to make growth more inclusive, the Eleventh Plan proposes to increase the agriculture sector growth rate to 4 percent from 2.13 percent in the Tenth Plan. The growth targets for industry and services sectors have been pegged at 9 to 11 percent.

What is India’s Eleventh Five-Year Plan (2007-2012)?

India’s Eleventh Five-Year Plan (2007-2012)! The National Development Council (NDC) has approved the Eleventh Plan on 19th December 2007 to raise the average economic growth rate to 9 percent from 7.6 percent recorded during the Tenth Plan.