What zone is Valencia Airport in?

What zone is Valencia Airport in?

zone D
Metro to Valencia Valencia Airport is situated in zone D. The airport’s metro station is located on level -1 of the terminal, on arrival at the airport you will have to walk to the left.

What is a Mobilis card Valencia?

The Móbilis card ( Tarjeta Móbilis ) is a unique personalised card which you can use for the metro, bus and valenbisi. In other words: it’s the only rechargable card for all public transport in Valencia. You can buy a travel card or Móbilis clock at the metro stations, tobacconists and newsagents.

How do I get a Valencia Mobilis card? . Metrovalencia Mobilis can be purchased and reloaded in any vending machines or at the ticket window at subway/streetcar stations and stops.

How much is the metro to the Valencia Airport?

There are the options of taxi, bus and metro. The Valencia airport taxi journey will take around 20 minutes with a fee of around 21€. There are alternatively two public transport methods. The metro will take you to the centre in around 25 minutes and costs 3.90€ for the journey.

How do you use the Valencia Metro?

Your standard ticket options are one-way, round trip, or a so-called Bonometro which allows you to buy 10 rides for a specific zone at a discounted rate. All Valencia Metro tickets can be bought at any metro station, either through a ticket machine or from the ticket office.

How do you pay for the Valencia tram?

Metro. Valencia’s metro system combines seamlessly with the tram system, accepting a single payment for 90 minutes of travel. Tickets can be purchased at the many kiosks located at all stations, in multiple languages, accepting both cash and cards.

How do you get around Valencia?

The best way to get around Valencia is by metro, which reaches as far as the Valencia Airport (VLC) about 5 miles west of the city. Public buses help supplement the metro coverage, but these can be confusing. Instead, consider walking or renting a bike to the closest sights and activities.

How do you use Valencia EMT?

To activate it, you must enter the app, select it and “activate” it (the system will ask you to confirm the activation). Once activated, the ticket is transformed into a dynamic screen that has a band of colours that will change, it shows the date and time and indicates that it is active and how much time is remaining.