When to fish the Chetco River?

When to fish the Chetco River?

The Chetco River has one of the highest spawning densities of wild steelhead in Oregon. Its run of wild steelhead is healthy enough that anglers can keep a wild fish. The Chetco River also has a good run of hatchery steelhead. During the peak Chetco fishing season, December through March, multiple fish days are common.

Is the Chetco River open for fishing?

Chetco River Open for steelhead and Chinook salmon Jan 1 – Mar 31 and May 22 – Dec 31. Wild steelhead may be harvested; 1 per day and 3 per year, as part of daily or annual salmon/steelhead bag limit. Wild Chinook salmon may be harvested; 1 per day and 5 per year, as part of daily or annual salmon/steelhead bag limit.

What kind of fish are in the Chetco River?

The Chetco River fishery, typical of Pacific coastal systems, is dominated by trout and salmon. There are important populations of anadromous winter steelhead, fall chinook salmon, and sea-run cutthroat trout. Coho and chum salmon are occasionally observed.

Where does the Chetco River start?

Chetco Peak
Chetco River/Sources

Can you keep wild steelhead in Oregon?

Harvest of wild steelhead and wild coho salmon is prohibited in the NW Zone except as allowed under Exceptions for wild steelhead in Big Elk Creek, Salmon River, and wild coho in Siltcoos Lake and Tahkenitch Lake.

What pound test should I use for steelhead?

When it comes to fishing line for steelhead, 10-to-14 pound test monofilament is what most anglers use.

What size rod do you need for steelhead?

We recommend using an 11-foot 7-weight switch rod to target steelhead, as it will be strong enough to make long casts with heavy lines and flies and will have the backbone to fight stronger fish. However, 7-weight shouldn’t be too much rod for average sized steelhead and you shouldn’t be breaking too many fish off.

Where is the Chetco River in Oregon?

The 44.5-mile designated segment of the Chetco is located within Curry County in southwest Oregon on the Chetco Ranger District of the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest. The Chetco heads in steep, deeply dissected, sparsely vegetated, mountainous terrain within the Kalmiopsis Wilderness.

Can you swim in the Chetco River?

Adventures include fishing for Salmon and steelhead; camping, exploring, picnicking, hiking and swimming along the crystal clear Chetco River and into the Kalmiopsis Wilderness.

Is the Chetco River polluted?

Despite the excellent ratings, the Chetco River actually ranks as the second most polluted stream in Curry County, after nearby Floras Creek, a tributary of the New River.

Can you catch steelhead on the Chetco River?

Numerous wild and hatchery adult steelhead have already been caught on the Chetco River. Guide Michael McGahan of Wild Rivers Fishing with a hatchery steelhead from the Chetco River in early December 2020.

Salmon & Steelhead. The Chetco is one of Oregon’s premier salmon and steelhead rivers, and our most popular fishery. It produces more kings over 50 pounds.

How do you fish the Chetco and Smith rivers?

Our primary technique for catching winter steelhead on the Chetco and Smith rivers is side-drifting roe with light spinning tackle. This is done from drift boats on the scenic coastal rivers of far Southern Oregon and the Smith in Northern California.

When is the best time to fish the Chetco River?

With several storms expected the week of Dec. 13, the Chetco is expected to hit 6,0000 cfs. As it drops, the peak season for winter steelhead will begin. The best time to target steelhead on the Chetco is late December through early March. The adult steelhead already caught this season are 8 to 12 pounds.