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Where are Cyrus Audio made?

Where are Cyrus Audio made?

Cyrus products are designed, engineered, and in the most part, manufactured in the UK. Our R&D facilities in Cambridgeshire combine with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Nottingham to deliver world-class products.

Is Cyrus Audio good?

The i9-XR costs about two thirds less, yet delivers comparable sound quality. However, within its power envelope, the Cyrus offers sound quality every bit as good – and the i9-XR’s in-built DAC is hugely advantageous for digital sources.

Who makes Cyrus HiFi?

Vickers HiFi
Cyrus Audio products from Vickers HiFi. Recognised by thirty years of awards and accolades, Cyrus audio consistently pushes the boundaries of audio technology. They tirelessly work towards the ultimate hi-fi system – which reproduces the sound and feeling of a live performance without any interference or loss of detail …

What is the Cyrus sound?

The Cyrus sound is an intentionally tuned acoustic picture; we want to paint a vast soundstage encompassing width and depth in which to realistically position the performers, extend the frequency range to capture ambient sounds, create deep and tuneful bass without commercially added upper bass, set precise timing and …

Who did Cyrus the Great Free?

In the Bible (e.g., Ezra 1:1–4), Cyrus is famous for freeing the Jewish captives in Babylonia and allowing them to return to their homeland. Cyrus was also tolerant toward the Babylonians and others. He conciliated local populations by supporting local customs and even sacrificing to local deities.

What was Cyrus the Great religion?

Zoroastrianism shaped one of the ancient world’s largest empires—the mighty Persia Empire. It was the state religion of three major Persian dynasties. Cyrus the Great, founder of the Achaemenid Persian Empire, was a devout Zoroastrian.

Where is Cyrus the Great cylinder?


Cyrus Cylinder
Discovered Babylon, Baghdad Vilayet of Ottoman Iraq, by Hormuzd Rassam in March 1879
Present location Room 52, British Museum, London
Identification BM 90920
Registration 1880,0617.1941

What is the review of Cyrus’new album’Cyrus’?

Cyrus has found the perfect balance of pushing her own musical boundaries whilst proving she’s one of the strongest and bravest names in the constant celebrity whirlwind.” Reviewing the album for AllMusic, Heather Phares claimed the album to be both “Passionate and self-aware” and that it is “easily the finest incarnation of Cyrus’ music yet.”

What is the discography of Miley Cyrus?

For the discography of Cyrus’ fictional character Hannah Montana, see Hannah Montana discography. American singer Miley Cyrus has released seven studio albums, two live albums, four extended plays and 37 singles. Throughout her career, Cyrus has sold 55 million singles and 20 million albums worldwide.

Why choose Cyrus Hi-Fi?

Our aim is to make the best hi-fi products in the world, irrespective of price. To achieve this we have developed numerous innovative technologies covering, power supplies, DACs, CD engines and much more. Our innovations cover a complex collection of hardware and software engineering, which makes the sound Cyrus products produce truly World-class.

What is Cyrus the Great known for?

Cyrus the Great. Cyrus II of Persia (Old Persian: Kūruš; New Persian: کوروش Kūrosh; Hebrew: כֹּרֶשׁ Koresh; c. 600 – 530 BC), commonly known as Cyrus the Great and also called Cyrus the Elder by the Greeks, was the founder of the Achaemenid Empire.