Where are Gillardeau oysters from?

Where are Gillardeau oysters from?

Gillardeau oysters are a brand of edible oysters that are produced by the Gillardeau family and their small private company, which was founded in 1898 in Bourcefranc-le-Chapus near La Rochelle and the Île d’Oléron in western France.

Where do French oysters come from?

Where are French oysters grown? From North to South there are seven distinct growing regions: Normandy, North-Brittany, South-Brittany, West-Central, Marennes-Oléron, Arcachon, and the Mediterranean. Although some of these areas are far more famous than others, they all produce excellent oysters.

What are the best French oysters?

The best known include the flavoursome and fleshy Isigny oyster and the Saint-Vaast oyster, sought-after for its nutty taste. So-called “deep-sea oysters” are farmed on the west coast of the Cotentin peninsula where they enjoy pure seawater and develop their refined, iodised flavour.

How are oysters numbered?

Oysters are ranked according to size. When purchasing, you’ll see a number on the sign ranging from 00-5 for cupped oysters and 00-6 for flat ones. The smaller the number, the larger the oyster, so 00’s are the heavyweights while 6’s will be tiny.

What is Fine de Claire oysters?

The fine de claire is for those who prefer a less fleshy oyster. These oysters are finished for several weeks in shallow clay ponds where they acquire a superior quality shell to oysters grown in the open sea.

Where in France is famous for oysters?

The fishing village of Cancale lies on the Emerald Coast in France’s Brittany region, across the bay from the Mont Saint-Michel. Cancale is known as Brittany’s oyster capital, a title earned thanks to the high-quality plankton that grows in the bay, feeding the oysters and aiding in their reproduction.

Where do the best oysters in France come from?

Northern and southern Brittany are both favourable areas for producing oysters, and have a reputation for their exceptional quality. Whether they are fines, specials, Pacific or Belon, they all have a strong taste of the sea.

Where are the best oysters in Europe?

Delta de l’Ebre, Catalonia, Spain When you think of eating oysters in Europe, you may automatically think of France. However the area of the Delta de l’Ebre in Catalonia, produces such excellent oysters that actually 80% of these are exported to France.

Which region is famous for large fresh and flavorful oysters of France?

Brittany: A Proud Heritage and Authentic Present The northeastern French region of Brittany is as famous as Aquitaine for its world-prized, incredibly fresh oysters.

What state has the best oysters?

Salty and rich, Alabama oysters are among the most beloved in the country. In fact, the state was once the number one oyster producer in America.