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Where are Malone Racks made?

Where are Malone Racks made?

Operating from the Coast of Maine has helped us stay true to our mission and value system. Everything we produce must be Affordable to Buy, Easy to Install and Simple to Use. All of our products are built to enhance our customers’ enjoyment of the outdoors while minimizing their carbon footprint.

Who owns Malone Auto Racks?

Larry Malone
Larry Malone – President – Malone Auto Racks | LinkedIn.

Can you fit 4 kayaks on a roof rack?

While you can only fit up to 2 kayaks on your roof with a horizontal kayak rack, you can fit up to 4 with a stacker rack. For those who need to haul more than 2 kayaks, a vertical kayak rack is the perfect option. No other type of kayak racks can support such a high capacity.

Which kayak roof rack is best?

Best Kayak Roof Rack for Your Car

  • Best kayak roof rack Yakima JetStream.
  • Best vertical kayak rack: Thule Hull a Port XT.
  • Best with load assist: Malone Telos XL Load Assist.
  • Best for your truck: Yakima Overhaul HD.
  • Best kayak car rack on a budget: Attwood Universal Rack Free Car Top Kayak Carrier.

How far apart should J racks be for kayak?

Most kayak carriers, like part # TH834 require at least 24 inches crossbar spread. I recommend making sure you have at least the 24 inches for a spread but I would probably place them about 28 inches apart.

What is a Malone roof rack?

This system is a safe and affordable way to transport your gear and is backed by Malone’s limited lifetime warranty program. The Malone universal cross bar roof rack offers an efficient way to transport kayaks, canoes, stand-up boards, surfboards, roof boxes, snowboards, skis, and bikes.

What is the Malone universal cross rail system?

The Malone Universal Cross Rail System comes with two 50-inch bars and 4 locking towers with key. With the tool free installation, the adjustable mounting towers easily install to most factory side rails. The 50-inch bars are reinforced with steel, and coated with rubber to prevent wear.

How much weight can a Malone rack hold?

Made of polyurethane-coated steel and molded nylon, the rack holds up to 132 pounds and carries a one-year warranty. Malone is the fastest-growing rack accessory company in North America, with a track record of more than 10 years of industry leadership and innovation.

Are Malone folding kayak racks any good?

I paired these up with a Malone folding Kayak rack, and they are strong, secure, and very easy to load and strap down. There was about a 2 MPG reduction in efficiency at highway speed (48 vs 51 on a section of road I use regularly), but all in all, a very good set of racks.