Where can I find Butterwort plants?

Where can I find Butterwort plants?

Butterworts are found throughout the northern hemisphere from Siberia to North America and also grow southwards into Central and South America. Mexico is home to the widest variety, where dozens of new species have been discovered in the last twenty years.

Is Mexican Butterwort a succulent?

In the winter, Mexican butterworts go through a succulent phase. This is generally from November to March in the northern hemisphere. Instead of carnivorous leaves, they will grow shorter, succulent leaves to store water for a dry winter.

How big do Mexican butterworts get?

Pinguicula gigantea may be the largest Mexican Butterwort discovered reaching up to 12 inches across, though usually it is somewhat smaller in cultivation. P. gigantea is native to Oaxaca, Mexico and was discovered by Alfred Lau in 1987.

How often should I water Butterwort?

Seedling Care: You’ll want to keep the moss moist at all times. You can let it sit in a shallow tray of water, but if you do this, you should let the water dry and moss approach dryness about once every 2-3 week. This will reduce the chance of fungus and bacteria and generally seems to be better for the seedlings.

When should I repot Butterwort?

After about five years they need repotting because the deep thatch of old leaves get in the way of the new roots reaching the soil from the growing plants.

What is a butterwort plant?

A butterwort AKA a ‘ping’ AKA Pinguicula! A must-have for anyone who loves flowers, hates bugs, and already has a good grasp on plant care. They’re an easy-to-grow carnivorous plant provided you give them good light and pure water (low salt/mineral content of less than 20ppms)—as a perk, if they’re happy they’ll flower once or twice a year too.

What is the best environment for butterwort?

The best environment for planting butterwort will be one that is somewhat boggy and with alkaline soil. The soil should be nutrient-poor. Remember, your plant will be targeting insects for most of the nutrients it needs. These release nitrogen for the plant to use.

What is a butterwort aka Pinguicula?

What type of plant is a mean, green, fungus-gnat-eating machine and makes the perfect orchid or houseplant companion? A butterwort AKA a ‘ping’ AKA Pinguicula! A must-have for anyone who loves flowers, hates bugs, and already has a good grasp on plant care.

Do butterworts outgrow their pots?

Butterworts are small plants that rarely outgrow the confines of the containers in which they were originally planted (unless you started growing them in absurdly small pots!). However, since they form rosettes as they grow, you may wish to divide and repot your plant for multiple individual specimens.