Where do Ant and Dec stay in the jungle?

Where do Ant and Dec stay in the jungle?

The I’m A Celebrity hosts and their crew usually stay in the five-star Palazzo Versace hotel in Queensland, Australia. The glamorous hotel has an exclusive waterfront setting and more than 200 luxurious suites.

Where was Ant and Dec advert filmed?

ITV Creative and director Mike Baldwin shot in Wales over two days, and worked closely with specialists and the Welsh Tourist Board, including jousting experts The Knights of Middle England.

Do Ant and Dec actually live next door to each other?

Not only do they work together but Ant and Dec used to live just three doors away from each other in West London! However, after Ant’s split from his ex-wife Lisa Armstrong, Ant bought a new £5 million home in South West London. Despite this, Ant and Dec have holiday homes next door to each other in sunny Portugal.

What do Ant and Dec say in Welsh?

Last year, I’m a Celebrity viewers got to hear the pair use phrases such as ‘noswaith dda’ (‘good evening’), ‘croeso’ (‘welcome’) and ‘nos da’ (‘good night’), after the ITV production relocated from the Australian jungle to Gwrych Castle in Abergele due to Covid-19.

Is I’m a celeb staying in Wales?

Where are the crew staying? The I’m A Celeb crew will be staying at the Golden Sands Holiday Park in Rhyl, North Wales. The park is a convenient 15 minutes from Gwrych Castle where the celebs are based.

Where are the i’m a celebrity staying?

After I’m A Celeb camp members are evicted from the show, they head over to Carden Park Hotel, a luxury country hotel near Chester, Cheshire. The hotel is just over an hour’s drive from Gwrych castle, but the journey will be well worth it for the weary celebs.

How much do Ant and Dec get paid for celebrity?

It’s no surprise to anyone that Ant, 45, and Dec, 46, are paid the big bucks to appear on I’m A Celeb. Reports suggest they make an estimated £3.3 million EACH a month for their stint with ITV. Yep, you read that right. EACH.

What is Declan Donnelly net worth?

Earnings. In 2007, Donnelly and McPartlin signed a 2½ year, £30 million contract with ITV. He had an estimated net worth of around £64 million in 2018.

How much do Ant & Dec get paid?

How much do Ant and Dec get paid a month? Their new deal would mean the duo earn a combined £3.3million a month from ITV.

How do I pronounce Gwrych?

According to researcher at Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust, Rhŷn Williams, the impressive Welsh castle is in fact pronounced, “Goo-rreech”. He said “the stress on the ‘W’ part is paramount”.

How do you pronounce Gwrych Castle?

As the video shows, the castle – which isn’t really a castle – is pronounced guu-REEKH, ending with a ‘ch’ sound as in ‘loch’.

What was Ant and DEC’s secret over the shoulder banter?

Ant and Dec’s secret over the shoulder banter to each other was forced to be cut during filming their brand new concept game show Limitless for ITV which sees contestants battle it out to win life-changing amounts of cash.

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What was Ant and Dec’s I’m a celebrity dig at Twitter?

Sunday night’s I’m A Celebrity saw Ant and Dec kick off the show with a hilarious thinly-veiled dig at those who furiously tweeted them about the previous highlights show

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