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Where is Citrix User Profile Manager?

Where is Citrix User Profile Manager?

C:\Program Files\Citrix\
UPMPolicyDefaults_all. ini is located in C:\Program Files\Citrix\User Profile Manager on every machine with Citrix Profile Management service installed.

What is Citrix User Profile Management?

Citrix User Profile Management is a tool in the company’s XenDesktop and XenApp platforms that enables IT administrators to save and deliver employees’ files and settings across user sessions on different devices.

How do I enable Citrix Profile Manager?

Enable Profile Management

  1. Open the Group Policy Management Editor.
  2. Under Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates: Policy definitions (ADMX files) > Citrix Components > Profile Management, double-click the Enable Profile management policy.
  3. Select Enabled.

How do I know if I have Citrix Profile management installed?

Q: How do I find the version of Citrix Profile Management? A: If Profile Management is explicitly installed, the version of the component will be displayed in the “Program and Features” Applet in Control Panel listed as “Citrix Profile Management”. Ensure to include the version column in the Control Panel view.

Where is my Citrix user profile?

Local User Profiles are stored on the local server to which the user has logged on. Password Manager saves registry information in the HKCU\Software\Citrix\MetaFrame Password Manager hive of the User Registry located at: %SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings\%username%\NTUSER. DAT.

How do I update Citrix Profile Manager?

To upgrade the . msi file

  1. Ensure that all users are logged off from the computers you want to upgrade.
  2. Install the new version of Profile Management over the existing version by running the . msi file on each computer. For more information, see Install and set up.

How do I clean up my Citrix profile?

Just double click or No Arguments passed – Lists all files that to be deleted in Profile Store. CleanPMStore.exe List – Same as No inputs, Just lists all files that to be deleted in Profile Store. CleanPMStore.exe Delete – Delete all the excluded files for all the users in store. Also takes a backup before deletion.

How do I recreate my Citrix profile?

If you are using the Citrix Virtual Desktops (Desktop VDA), do the following:

  1. From Director, search for the user whose profile you want to reset, and then select this user’s session.
  2. Click Reset Profile.
  3. Instruct the user to log off from all sessions.
  4. Instruct the user to log back on.

How do I disable Citrix Profile Manager?

Citrix Profile Managment can be disabled by setting the configuration option Enable Profile management to disabled, either through Group Policy or through Profile Management’s INI files, depending on what you prefer.

How do I uninstall Citrix Profile Manager?

To remove a VDA, right-click Citrix Virtual Delivery Agent version and select Uninstall. The installer launches and you can select the components to be removed. The machine restarts automatically after the removal, by default.

How do you reset your profile?

Reset a user profile

  1. From Monitor, search for the user whose profile you want to reset and select this user’s session.
  2. Click Reset Profile.
  3. Instruct the user to log off from all sessions.
  4. Instruct the user to log back on. The folders and files that were saved from the user’s profile are copied to the new profile.

Can I remove Citrix indirect display adapter?

Complete the following procedure: Right-click on Citrix Systems Inc. Display Mirror Driver and click Uninstall. Click OK to uninstall the device.

How do I change the profile management settings in Citrix?

To control how Profile management behaves, choose one of the following options: Use local profile. Profile management uses the local profile, but does not change it in any way. Delete local profile. Profile management deletes the local Windows user profile, and then imports the Citrix user profile from the user store.

Where are Citrix user profiles stored on a virtual desktop?

If you use the Personal vDisk feature of Citrix Virtual Desktops, Citrix user profiles are stored on virtual desktops’ personal vDisks by default, typically the P: drives. The profiles are not stored on users’ C: drives. However, this is where Profile Management expects to find the profiles.

How do I manage XenApp and XenDesktop profile management policies?

If other administrators in your organization are responsible for XenApp and XenDesktop policies, work with them to ensure that they set any profile-related policies across your Delivery Groups. Profile management policies can also be set in Group Policy, in the Profile management .ini file, and locally on individual virtual machines.

What is profile management in Citrix?

Profile Management is intended as a profile solution for XenApp servers, virtual desktops created with XenDesktop, and physical desktops. You install Profile Management on each computer whose profiles you want to manage. Active Directory Group Policy Objects allow you to control how Citrix user profiles behave.