Where is Kaden lebsack from?

Where is Kaden lebsack from?

Castle Rock, Colorado
Kaden Lebsack (Super K WakeNinja) was born in Castle Rock, Colorado. Kaden got his nick name from his Wakeboarding Coach, and it just stuck!

Is Daniel Gil a Covid?

Daniel Gil did not participate in the American Ninja Warrior season 13 National Finals because he tested positive for COVID-19 prior to traveling to Las Vegas. That is a huge, huge bummer. Luckily, Daniel is just fine now.

Is Ninja warrior coming back in 2021?

The thirteenth season of the American game show television series American Ninja Warrior premiered on May 31, 2021 on NBC….American Ninja Warrior (season 13)

American Ninja Warrior
Original release May 31 – September 13, 2021
Season chronology

Who does Kaden lebsack train with?

Kaden was ranked 3rd in the 2016 National competition. He got the ninja training from John Maul at Ninja Intensity. He was 3 times champion at UNAA/UBW. He is the CEO of Bucket of Chalk.

Who is Kaden lebsack?

Kaden Lebsack Wikipedia (Career, Lifestyle) He is a student and entrepreneur as well as a professional American Ninja Warrior winner. He was a champion at UNAA/UBW 3 times. Kaden is the CEO of Bucket of Chalk and also the winner of American Ninja Warrior Season 13.

Where does Adam RAYL live?

Adam Rayl is a concrete worker from Phoenix, Arizona, now currently living in Concord, California.

Who is Kai beckstrand?

ANW Competitions Kai Beckstrand is a 15-year old high school sophomore from St. George, Utah. Prior to competing on the regular show, he first appeared on American Ninja Warrior Junior 1 and 2 where he became the champion of the 11-12 age group on season 1 and 4th place in the 13-14 age group in season 2.

Who won ANW Jr?

The winners were Collin Cella (Ages 9+10), Kai Beckstrand (Ages 11+12) and Vance Walker (Ages 13+14).

Will there be an American Ninja Warrior 2022?

It has now officially been confirmed that Season 14 of American Ninja Warrior will return in 2022. At the beginning of the year, producers revealed it will have a similar format as Season 13 in 2021 did, and shared the filming locations & dates for the upcoming season!