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Where is NRBQ from?

Where is NRBQ from?

Miami, FL

Where is NRBQ?

Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.

When did NRBQ start?

NRBQ/Active from
NRBQ were formed in 1967 by pianist Terry Adams and guitarist Steve Ferguson, a pair of musicians from Louisville, Kentucky, and Joey Spampinato, a bassist who originally hailed from the Bronx.

What did NRBQ stand for?

New Rhythm and Blues Quartet
Some of the most notable members in the band’s long history are bassist Joey Spampinato; guitarists Al Anderson, Steve Ferguson, and Johnny Spampinato; and drummer Tom Ardolino. The abbreviation “NRBQ” stands for New Rhythm and Blues Quartet.

Is Nrbq a jam band?

Some believe NRBQ is just a jam band with good moments, with some hits & misses. But when they tackle Jimmie Driftwood’s “Wilderness Road,” they exemplify Americana. Not the best – but their effort is authentic. Terry’s harmonica, aching vocal is snake oil tonic.

Why did Nrbq break up?

Without alerting Spampinato, Adams announced the split in the letter to fans posted on the band’s website in March. He wrote about his battle with cancer, and his attempts to put the group back together. “Joey told me that he and Johnny really didn’t want to continue on with me or NRBQ,” Adams wrote.

Why did Joey Spampinato leave NRBQ?

In the same online message, he stunned NRBQ fans by revealing for the first time why the band quit playing in 2004: He’d been diagnosed with throat cancer. Adams had told virtually no one about the illness — his parents didn’t even know — and swore Spampinato and the rest of the band to secrecy.

Is NRBQ a jam band?

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