Where is Origani made?

Where is Origani made?

We are made in Australia: governed by rigorous Australian standards regulating research, quality and product performance. Being home grown, we can support our product development from the ground through to manufacture.

What is Origani Erda?

The Origani Erda Luxury Facial Collection contains: Your skin and pores appear finer and smoother. Manuka honey, with its natural exfoliating properties, removes impurities unveiling clean radiant skin. It smoothes, softens and minimises fine lines while evening skin tone.

How do you use Origani products?


  1. Cleanse skin and lightly pat dry.
  2. Apply Manuka Honey Peel and massage for maximum 10 seconds avoiding any facial hair areas.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  4. Follow with your favourite Origani serum and/or day or night moisturiser.
  5. Use 1 – 2 times per week.

Is Origani cruelty free?

Origani supports animal welfare and does not test on animals. Origani is cruelty free.

How do you use Origani toning cleanser?


  1. Use daily every morning and evening.
  2. Massage 2-3 pumps of the toning cleanser into damp skin.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  4. Use in tandem with your favorite Origani Serum and/or moisturizer.

Will Manuka honey clog pores?

It can help exfoliate your skin Manuka honey can help slough away dead skin cells, says Hammerman—keeping them from clogging your pores and causing blackheads and whiteheads.

Does Manuka honey exfoliate skin?

Aside from healing acne and preventing breakouts, Manuka honey is naturally emollient and exfoliating. It absorbs moisture from the air and draws it to the skin’s surface. It regulates your skin’s pH level, softens skin, brightens, and evens out skin tone, fading away old acne scars.

What does Origani manuka honey peel do?

The Origani Erda Manuka Honey Peel eliminates dirt and excess oils from the skin, so can assist in clearing up blackheads, breakouts and open pores.

How do you use Origani Daily Glow toning cleanser?


  1. Gently massage 2 – 3 pumps into damp skin and then rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  2. Follow with either Erda Rich & Hydrating Day Cream or Erda Soothing & Reviving Night Cream.
  3. Use morning and night. Reviews. Key Ingredients.

Why choose organitea Australia?

Treat Your Senses to the Finest Organic Tea At OrganiTea Australia, we bring you expertly created tea blends from pure and natural ingredients. Our goal is to make every cup special for you and we offer a wide range of tea for the health-conscious tea lover.

What is organorganiq natural skincare?

OrganiQ Natural Skincare was created on the pristine 517 million year old coastline of Kangaroo Island. We combine 150 years of heritage and personal passion to create formulas so luxurious, so conditioning that each product becomes a sensory experience designed to enrich your skin… and transform your complexion.

What is our organic range backed by?

Our Organic range is backed by government-approved Organic Food Chain (OFC), ACO and CCPB. Our products and processes do not harm animals or habitats.

Are your organic products safe for animals and habitats?

Our Organic range is backed by government-approved Organic Food Chain (OFC), ACO and CCPB. Our products and processes do not harm animals or habitats. We’re against animal testing and certified by Choose Cruelty Free Australia.