Where is the key for the elevator in outlast?

Where is the key for the elevator in outlast?

Eventually, you’ll find another shaft entrance to get you through. You’ll see a way into a bathroom, but inside you’ll only find a folder with documents. After leaving it, use the suggested path to reach a large room with double doors on the right. Go through them to find an elevator key.

How do you get back into the elevator in outlast?

Sprint down the path, turning left into the alleyway where you hopped through the window to obtain the battery. Slide underneath the fence, then vault over the next fence, and sprint all the way back to the elevator, turning the handle as soon as you make it there.

What do you do when the key falls in outlast?

Unfortunately, it will fall one floor down, forcing you to run downstairs. Go back to the room where you found the two batteries and from then, head for the laundry room. That’s where you’ll find the missing key. With the key, go back upstairs, and right to your right there’s a metal door.

How do you get to the admin block in outlast?

Walk past the lunatic hiding in a locker and go up the stairs. If you go straight on, you’ll find a document. Upstairs, crouch and go under the desk; you’ll see the door to another room with batteries inside. Take them, then attempt to open the next door.

How do you get the elevator key card?

Can be looted off of Udom Bedford in the Halcyon Holdings Corporation Embassy aboard Groundbreaker.

Where is the key outlast whistleblower?

To find the key you need to go through a dark room, then to the left, through the illuminated part. Then turn into the room on the right. Take a battery from there and go to the next room with an illuminated desk. Jump on it and get back to the more friendly part of the compound.

How do you get past the girl in outlast 2?

The only way to avoid death is to avoid the person, who is a screaming lady with an impossibly large pick-axe, since you have no way of fighting in Outlast 2. You’ll need to use your wits, and a bit of silence, to get around her.

How many missions are there in Outlast?

eight chapters
First up, the collectibles.. getting all these notes and documents below will give you the gold trophy PULITZER. There are a total of eight chapters in Outlast and are collectibles in every chapter.

Who is Billy Outlast?

In Outlast, Billy Hope is the first host of The Walrider, and is the primary antagonist of that game outside of Chris Walker. He was a focus on the Walrider Project, which aimed to bind the Walrider nanites to a living host.

How do you get past the ghost in Outlast?

Make way for the red wall right in front of you. At the end, to the right, you can find a battery, but the right way is the left path. As soon as you turn another corner, the alarm will go off and you’ll see the ghost again. Turn around and run because this time he’ll strike.

How do elevator cards work?

The reader can be a simple RFID type reader or a biometric reader. When the right credential is detected, and the floor button is pressed in the elevator, the signal goes through the elevator control panel, and then to the elevator system that moves the elevator.