Which engine is best for racing?

Which engine is best for racing?

Without further adieu, let’s take a look at some of the powerful models that have shaped the circuit into what we know today.

  • Audi 5.5-Litre V12 TDI.
  • BMW S14B23.
  • Chevy 302 Small Block V8.
  • Citroen 2.0-Liter Turbo XU10.
  • Ferrari Dino V6.
  • Ferrari V12 3.0-Liter.
  • Ford Cosworth DFV V8.
  • Ford 7.0-liter FE V8.

Where is Steve Morris Engines located?

Muskegon, Michigan
Based out of Muskegon, Michigan we began locally and now have a global reach with small-town business manners.

Who builds ford drag racing engines?

For over 20 years Bennett Racing Engines has produced some of the most powerful and most reliable engines in the world. Our products have powered our customers to numerous championships and wins. If your ready to take your race program to the top contact us today.

Who is Steve Morris?

Stephen Paul David Morris (born 28 October 1957) is an English drummer who is best known for his work with the rock band New Order and, previously, Joy Division….Stephen Morris (musician)

Stephen Morris
Instruments Drums percussion
Years active 1977–present
Labels Factory London Warner Bros. LTM

How old is Steve Morris?

64 years (June 19, 1957)
Steve Morris/Age

How much does a SMX Engine cost?

According to Morris’s website, a full SMX engine package starts at $75,000.

What is the boss 9 motor?

Constructed with either a cast iron or a cast aluminum engine block and topped with Kaase’s efficient hemi cylinder heads, Boss Nine engines were developed using four intake manifolds. These accept 4150 and 4500-style carburetors, as well as Keith Wilson’s EFI system, and various BDS blower units.

How old is Jon kaase?

A dentist’s son, Kaase, 67, started competing in drag racing while still at high school in Cleveland, Ohio. He moved to Atlanta, Georgia at the beginning of 1977 to work for Dyno Don Nicholson and by year end celebrated the move by claiming the NHRA Pro Stock title.

How old is Stephen Morris?

64 years (October 28, 1957)
Stephen Morris/Age