Which is better Wightlink or Red Funnel?

Which is better Wightlink or Red Funnel?

Ferry travel on Red Funnel always cheaper than Wightlink. Schedule integrity much better with Red Funnel and their on-line booking system quick and simple unlike Wightlink whose on-line booking is slow and complex. The choice is yours but we only use Red Funnel now as it’s better service and less expensive.

Can I stay in my car on Red Funnel?

In some circumstances, we may be able to allow an exception and permit up to four vehicles on select sailing times to remain occupied on the vehicle deck. Once we receive your request, a member of our team will be in touch to make arrangements and confirm if your ‘stay in vehicle’ exemption request has been approved.

Are Red Funnel ferries operating?

The Red Jet hi-speed service is currently operating a reduced timetable, with sailings every 1 hour and 20 minutes. Outside of these sailings, passengers can travel on the vehicle ferry as an alternative.

How long is the Red Funnel car ferry?

How long does the journey take? Approximately 25 minutes.

What is the cheapest ferry crossing to the Isle of Wight?

How can I save money on foot passenger fares to the Isle of Wight?

Ranking (cheapest first) Crossing Return ticket price
1 Portsmouth to Ryde Pierhead £13.60
2 Portsmouth to Ryde Pierhead £14
3 Southsea to Ryde £15
4 Southampton to East Cowes ​£15.55

Which ferry port is closest to Shanklin?

The Southampton – Cowes trip is the longest. Lymington will get you to Yarmouth which is at the far west of the Island and although the island is relatively small you will have to factor journeys on the island into account.

Can you smoke on Red Funnel?

In accordance with the statutory ban on smoking in public areas, Red Funnel enforces a No Smoking policy inside all its terminal areas and inside its vessels. The only exception is the designated smoking area on ‘A deck’ (outside deck) of the Passenger Vehicle Ferries where smoking and vaping is permitted.

How many cars fit on a Red Funnel ferry?

She carries 892 passengers and 220 cars on 3 deck levels and operates 4,000 sailings per annum, clocking up an amazing 45,500 miles each year.

What is the quickest ferry crossing to Isle of Wight?

Portsmouth Harbour – Ryde Pier Head If you’re travelling on foot, Portsmouth Harbour to Ryde Pier Head is our quickest route, crossing the waters between the Isle of Wight and mainland in just 22 minutes.

What is the quickest ferry crossing to the Isle of Wight?

Can mainlanders use Red Funnel vouchers on the Isle of Wight ferry?

Wightlink has an online signup at the bottom of their homepage. Red Funnel regularly send islanders vouchers for 20% and 15% off which can be used by mainlanders for the Isle of Wight ferry as long as they have the physical voucher (sometimes called ‘friends and family vouchers’).

How much does a car ferry cost on Red Funnel?

On Red Funnel, a peak day return for a foot passenger on the car ferry is £19 compared to £27 on the Red Jet foot passenger ferry. Admittedly the Isle of Wight car ferry takes longer than the foot passenger ferry…but just think of it as a luxury cruise. Try not to blow your savings on a jumbo sausage roll onboard. Enjoy the slower pace!

Are there any ferry discounts on the Isle of Wight?

Ferry discounts for Isle of Wight residents on low incomes Back in 2018, the ferry operators and the Isle of Wight council created a discount scheme for Isle of Wight residents who either received local council tax support or housing benefit. According to one report, there are about 14,000 people who qualify.

How do I get to IW Festival with Red Funnel?

Loading up the car with your best mates and camping gear and heading over to the IW Festival is easy with Red Funnel. Our vehicle ferries are the largest on the Solent and depart Southampton every hour for 55-60 minute crossing to East Cowes.