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Who did Claude Makelele play for?

Who did Claude Makelele play for?

Chelsea F.C.technical mentor
Claude Makélélé/Current teams

In his playing career, which ended at Paris Saint-Germain, Makélélé also played for Nantes, Marseille, Celta Vigo, Real Madrid and Chelsea. He won league titles in France, Spain and England, as well as the 2001–02 UEFA Champions League during his time with Real Madrid.

How many games did Makelele play for Chelsea?

During his five years as a player with Chelsea, Makelele made 217 appearances as an influential holding midfielder, scoring twice.

How many goals did Makelele scored in his career?

Premier League Record

Appearances 144
Goals 2
Assists 4

What year did Makelele retire?

Claude Makélélé/Career end

Where is Makelele now?

Claude Makélélé/Current teams

How many goal did Makelele scored for Chelsea?

two goals
Claude Makelele only scored two goals during his 217 appearances for Chelsea.

How tall is Courtois?

6′ 7″
Thibaut Courtois/Height

When did Makelele leave Real Madrid?

Despite being born in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo), he picked up 71 international caps for France, playing in the World Cup final in 2006. Following his time at Real Madrid he went on to play for Chelsea and PSG, where he retired in 2011.

Who is Claude Makelele?

Claude is one of few players who literally have a role named after themselves. “The Makelele Role” is a role in which he sits in the hole between the midfield and in front of the defence. He is one of the most influential players in this role and in doing so has probably shown how important a role like this can be.

What is the Makélélé role in football?

The Claude Makélélé role is an unimaginative term used to describe the position which Claude Makélélé occupies on a football pitch. With terms such as holding player, defensive midfielder, stopper and anchorman deemed redundant, the Makélélé role has become one of the most talked about positions of modern day football.

Who is Mousa Makélélé?

Makélélé himself is an overappreciated underrated honest pro who has had a long and successful career with Nantes, Olympique de Marseille, Celta Vigo, Real Mardid, Chelsea and currently as captain of Paris Saint-Germain despite managing only 18 goals in 18 years.