Who has died from Welcome Back Kotter?

Who has died from Welcome Back Kotter?

Marcia Strassman
Marcia Strassman, ‘Welcome Back, Kotter’ Actress, Dies at 66 Actress Marcia Strassman, known for her roles in such hits as “Welcome Back, Kotter” and “MASH,” died Friday after a long fight with breast cancer, her sister Julie Strassman confirmed. She was 66.

How many of the Sweathogs are still alive?

He was 60. That means only two of the Sweathogs are still with us: Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, who played Freddie “Boom Boom” Washington and, of course, John Travolta, whose role as Vinnie Barbarino catapulted him to a successful film career.

Who replaced Vinnie Barbarino?

John Travolta, of course, found his own place as a celebrity, leaving the show around the same time Gabe Kaplan did (returning every so often as a “special guest star”). The replacement for Barbarino was Beau, who didn’t help things much. By now the show had essentially lost its two biggest stars.

How old was John Travolta in Welcome Back Kotter?

The actors playing the four main Sweathogs were much older than the characters they played. By the final season, Ron Palillo was 29, Robert Hegyes 27, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs 25, and John Travolta 24.

Is Ron Palillo dead?

Deceased (1949–2012)
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What happened to Ron Palillo?

On August 14, 2012, Palillo suffered a heart attack at his home and was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. He died seven months after co-star Robert Hegyes, who also died from a heart attack.

What did Vinnie Barbarino always say?

The real life Horshack used to say, “Up your hole with a Mello roll.” The phrase was considered too naughty for TV use, so TV executives changed it to “Up your nose with a rubber hose” which became one of Vinnie Barbarino’s famous catchphrases.

How old is Olivia Newton John in Grease?

73 years (September 26, 1948)
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How tall is Ron Palillo?

5′ 7″
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Who played Washington in Welcome Back Kotter?

Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs played Sweathog Freddie “Boom Boom” Washington on the ’70s TV series “Welcome Back Kotter.”.

Who are the characters in Welcome Back Carter?

The show stars stand-up comedian and actor Gabriel “Gabe” Kaplan as the title character, Gabe Kotter, a wisecracking teacher who returns to his alma mater, James Buchanan High School in Bensonhurst , Brooklyn, New York, to teach a remedial class of loafers, called “Sweathogs”.

When did Welcome Back Kotter air?

Welcome Back, Kotter is an American television sitcom that originally aired on the ABC network from September 9, 1975 to June 8, 1979.