Who has never dunked in the NBA?

Who has never dunked in the NBA?

Steve Nash, Los Angeles Lakers Not being able to dunk hasn’t hindered Steve Nash at all during a 17-year NBA career. Nash managed to win back-to-back MVP awards with the Phoenix Suns in 2005 and 2006.

Is Shawn Kemp a good dunker?

Shawn Kemp (1990, 1991, 1992, 1994) Kemp competed in four NBA Slam Dunk contests in his first five NBA seasons. Like most big men, Kemp was a better in-game dunker than a contest dunker. That said, he is arguably the greatest in-game dunker of all time and one of the best NBA Slam Dunk Contest dunkers among big men.

Who is the most aggressive player in NBA?

of 10. Bill Laimbeer.

  • of 10. Charles Barkley.
  • of 10. Rasheed Wallace.
  • of 10. Charles Oakley.
  • of 10. Dennis Rodman.
  • of 10. Ben Wallace.
  • of 10. Wilt Chamberlain.
  • of 10. Ron Artest.
  • Did Stockton ever dunk?

    . Stockton never dunked in game, in any widely public practice videos, or in warm ups. He stuck to fundamentals; laying it up off the glass, simple effective bounce passes and a pure jump shot. Being 6′ 1″ with proper NBA conditioning, many think in his younger days dunking was no sweat.

    Who does Vince Carter play for?

    Vince Carter

    Personal information
    2011–2014 Dallas Mavericks
    2014–2017 Memphis Grizzlies
    2017–2018 Sacramento Kings
    2018–2020 Atlanta Hawks

    Who did Wilt Chamberlain fear?

    Wes Unseld
    The 7-foot-1, 275-pound center scored at will against anyone who dared to get in his way, but there was one man who struck fear in Chamberlain’s eyes every time he entered the lane: Wes Unseld.

    Who is the fastest NBA player of all time?

    Russell Westbrook is the fastest player in NBA history. He can travel from baseline to baseline in 3.36 seconds.