Who is leaving in EastEnders 2020?

Who is leaving in EastEnders 2020?

After months of speculation, EastEnders bosses have confirmed that Tiffany Butcher is leaving Walford this year. Confirming the news Maisie Smith has said, “It’s time to say farewell to Tiff! I’ve grown up on EastEnders since 2008, and have learnt from the best over the past 13 years.

Who is leaving EastEnders?

Danny Dyer
Danny Dyer, who has played the character of Mick Carter in EastEnders for nearly a decade, will leave the soap later this year, the BBC has confirmed. He first stepped onto Albert Square in 2013 and moved into the Queen Vic, becoming the pub’s landlord.

Has Steve Mcfadden left EastEnders?

He left EastEnders in late 2003 for a one-year break to concentrate on pantomimes. His character was written out of the series after being framed for an armed robbery by Den Watts (played by Leslie Grantham), and going on the run after breaking out of prison.

Who is in EastEnders now?

Current families

Family Members Duration
Panesar Kheerat, Vinny, Suki 2019-
Atkins Gray, Mia, Mackenzie, Chelsea, Jordan 2019-
Marwa Mila, Kioni 2020-
Monroe Dana, Harvey, Aaron 2021-

What is Phil Mitchell’s real name?

Steve McFaddenEastEnders
Phil Mitchell/Played by

Is Phil Mitchell leaving EastEnders 2022?

Which cast members are set to leave? Amongst the drama with Phill Mitchell, other members of EastEnders have made a decision to leave the show.

Who is joining EastEnders 2021?

All characters are introduced by the show’s senior executive producer, Kate Oates, and executive producer, Jon Sen. The first character to be introduced in 2021 is Caleb Malone (Ben Freeman), who joined as part of a storyline involving Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams) and Lucas Johnson (Don Gilet).

Is Ian Beale related to Phil Mitchell?

Ian takes custody of Bobby and also takes in his half-brother Ben Mitchell, following the death of their mother. Ian fights Ben’s father Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) for custody, worsening their long-standing enmity which stems from Phil’s disastrous marriage to Ian’s mother Kathy.