Who is Rosa Vargas to Esperanza?

Who is Rosa Vargas to Esperanza?

Rosa Vargas is a single mother who lives in Esperanza’s neighborhood. She has so many children that she is too tired to really deal with their bad behavior, and her husband left her a while ago without leaving her any money or a reason for leaving.

Who died in the House on Mango Street?

Five people die in The House on Mango Street : Angel Vargas, Esperanza’s grandfather, Aunt Lupe, Geraldo, and Rachel and Lucy’s baby sister.

Is Angel Vargas a boy?

Angel Vargas, the boy who fell and died in “There Was an Old Woman She Had So Many Children She Didn’t Know What to Do,” reappears in this section, which indicates that Esperanza met Ruthie fairly early on.

What problem does Rosa Vargas have?

She is afraid to be in black or Asian neighborhoods, but for her the problem is her lack of knowledge, not hardened prejudice.

Who is nenny’s bestfriend?


Marco Rachel’s cousin.
Sue Rachel’s cousin.
Gloria Nenny’s best friend.
Nacho Esperanza’s uncle.

What is the main problem with the Vargas kids?

They have a single mother, Rosa Vargas, who is overwhelmed by and unable to control her many children, and who is still sad about the fact that their father left her without a note or any money to help. The children don’t care about themselves or anybody else.

What is Alicia doing to escape Mango Street?

Esperanza spends time with Alicia at the end of The House on Mango Street, instead of with Sally, who has married and dropped out of middle school. Alicia is pursuing her own form of escape by working hard to attend college, and she has not married.

How does Esperanza describe Elenita home?

Summary: “Elenita, Cards, Palm, Water” Esperanza has her fortune told at the house of Elenita, a witch woman. Elenita seems very much like the other women in the neighborhood, except that she is somewhat better off. She is home with her two kids and has covered her sofas with plastic so the baby won’t dirty them.

How does Esperanza describe Ruthie?

Esperanza says that Ruthie is good at many things, but instead of getting a job she got married when she was young. Esperanza can’t understand why Ruthie returned to live on Mango Street with her mother, but Ruthie says she is just waiting for her husband to come and take her away. But he never comes.

What is special about Ruthie?

Ruthie shares some of Esperanza’s talents and creative spirit, but she lacks the strength to try to escape. Instead, her escape seems to be a kind of regression back into childhood. It’s also suggested—but never confirmed—that Ruthie’s childishness may come from some kind of intellectual disability or mental illness.