Who is Schwarz Stein?

Who is Schwarz Stein?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Schwarz Stein is a Japanese visual kei electronic music duo formed by Hora (洞) and Kaya (迦夜) in 2001 (as “Rudolf Steiner”), who disbanded in 2004 and regrouped in 2014.

When did Schwarz Stein release their last album?

Schwarz Stein went on to release their first full album New Vogue Children in June 2003, the single Current in November of the same year, and then their final album Artificial Hallucination in February 2004. They opened for Moi dix Mois on several occasions, played at various events, and also made a number solo appearances as well.

Why did Mana change their name to Schwarz Stein?

Upon their ‘re-formation’, Mana discarded the name Rudolf Steiner and christened the duo “Schwarz Stein” (pseudo-German for “Black Stone”). Prior to their name change, two demo tapes ( Queen of Decadence and Perfect Garden) had been released.