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Who killed Myung Hae Joon?

Who killed Myung Hae Joon?

Agent Han-mo
In a moment of shock, Agent Han-mo confesses to killing North Korean Myung Hae Joon. I suspect he fears the outside forces that are propping Oh Yeong-seok for the presidency and he opted for safety, but this was a blow, especially for Na-gyeong.

Who is Mr Kim in designated survivor?

Lee Moo-saeng
Lee Moo-saeng as Kim Nam-wook, Presidential Office Administrator and later Acting Press Secretary, former defector from North Korea. He is the show’s counterpart of Seth Wright.

Who is Bae Suzy?

Who is Bae Suzy? Bae Suzy is a South Korean singer and actress who is famous by the mononym, Suzy. She was a member of the famous Korean music group ‘Miss A’ before making her career in acting. Because of her stunning beauty and bright personality, she is probably men’s ideal.

What happened to BAE from JYP?

On February 14, the music video for her b-side track, “Sober”, was released. On March 9, Bae released her fourth music video for the single “Midnight”, featuring a piano ensemble by Yiruma. On March 31, 2019, Bae left JYP Entertainment following the expiration of her contract. She then signed a contract with acting agency Management SOOP.

Who is Suzy BAE’s father Jo in Chang?

The post also confirmed the identity of the father as Jo In Chang, who plays the role of a captain of the special military forces in South Korea in the movie starring Suzy Bae titled ‘ Ashfall ‘. He is tasked to take part in an operation that holds the fates of South and North Korea in the balance.

What are the rumors about Bae Suzy and Lee Min ho?

Bae Suzy: Rumors. Once the rumor came regarding the separation of Suzy and her boyfriend in 2015 but again they came together in 2016 and they denied the rumor. However, they later separated. Also, there were rumors that she was carrying the baby of Lee min Ho which was also denied.