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Who originally sang the song this Christmas?

Who originally sang the song this Christmas?

Donny Hathaway
“This Christmas” is a song by American soul musician Donny Hathaway released in 1970 by Atco Records….This Christmas (Donny Hathaway song)

“This Christmas”
Genre R&B, soul, Christmas
Length 3:51
Label Atco Records
Songwriter(s) Donny Hathaway (as “Donny Pitts”) and Nadine Theresa McKinnor

How old was Chris Brown in this Christmas?

Baby is played by Chris Brown, who is only 18 and has already sold millions of albums, and is a hip-hop artist who can actually sing a traditional song in a classic and beautiful style, as he proves when his mother finds out his big secret.

Does Chris Brown have a Christmas album?

Christmas came early! Today Chris Brown decided to surprise fans and release the deluxe edition of his latest album ‘Heartbreak On A Full Moon’, which already has 45 songs. Titled it the Deluxe Edition: Cuffing Season – 12 Days of Christmas, the deluxe album features 12 new songs making it 57 tracks in total.

What is the meaning behind the song this Christmas?

The singer explained that after Amazon Music asked her to record a festive song for them, she chose “This Christmas” because she loves the song’s tone. Glynne added that because of the COVID pandemic, 2020 had been a difficult year and many people would be unable to meet up with their loved ones over the holidays.

Is this Christmas a black song?

4. Donny Hathaway “This Christmas” Donny Hathaway unknowingly delivered a Black Christmas anthem with “This Christmas.” According to American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), it was the 30th most-performed holiday song of all time.

Who is baby’s mom in this Christmas?

Loretta Devine
Loretta Devine plays the matriarch of the Whitfield family, affectionately known as Ma’Dere to her six children.

Who is Chris Brown mom in this Christmas?

Matriarch, Shirley Ann “Ma’Dere” Whitfield (Loretta Devine) and her boyfriend, Joe (Delroy Lindo) are joined by her 6 children: eldest child, Quentin, Jr.

Who sings this Christmas I gave you my heart?

Last Christmas/Artists

What year did the song this Christmas come out?

This Christmas/Released