Who owns GRT chassis?

Who owns GRT chassis?

GRT by BHE | Bob Harris Enterprises.

How much does an IMCA Modified Cost?

It is that freedom of travel and the cost-effectiveness of the series that have earned IMCA a steadfast following among dirt racers. Keller estimates that you can run a full season of IMCA Modifieds on about $12,000 to $14,000, and that’s for a Top 10 car.

Is Terry Phillips still racing?

PHILLIPS ENDS 2021 SEASON WITH USMTS RUNNER-UP! (October 31, 2021) After a flurry of rain-outs this week, Terry Phillips entered his season finale on Saturday, October 30 at 81 Speedway in Park City, Kansas. Complete results from last night at 81 Speedway can be accessed online at www.usmts.com.

Where is CJ Rayburn from?

King’s Mountain, Ky
Born in King’s Mountain, Ky on April 26 1940 to Delmar and Alma (Spears) Rayburn, he was spoiled by his older sister Joyce (Rayburn) Gaskin and began his racing career albeit outside the law in the hills of Kentucky as a young man.

How much does a late model stock car cost?

The price tag on what you need to compete can give a true sense of the seriousness of the sport’s participants. A brand-new, complete Late Model racecar will cost a racer approximately $34,000 without an engine.

How old is Kevin Rumley?

Rumley, a 43-year-old engineer from Lexington, N.C., who prepares the Longhorn Chassis owned by his 84-year-old father Lee Roy, has been around long enough to know driving talent when he sees it.

Where is lethal chassis located?

Mooresville, North Carolina
Lethal Chassis Company is based in Mooresville, North Carolina.

How many races did Larry Phillips win?

During an 11-year span – from his first title in 1989 through 1996 – the Springfield, Missouri competitor won 220 of 289 NASCAR-sanctioned starts. That’s a winning percentage of 76 percent. Phillips also won 13 track championships in three states.

What’s new at GRT Race Cars?

GRT Race Cars, Inc. is excited to offer a newly designed right front and left front upper control arm assembly that will save weight on the front end and add shock clearance on the right front of your race car!

Why choose a GRT dealer for your modified chassis?

BHE is an authorized GRT dealer. We work closely with the chassis manufacturers at GRT to offer you one of the best modified chassis out there. GRT is well known for their high-quality products. We take that to the next level by incorporating information we have been successful with in the last 35 years of modified experience.

Where can I get my chassis repaired?

BHE is centrally located in Ames, Iowa – the heart of the Midwest. This is an advantage to our customers as it allows for a quicker turn-around on repairs and parts. We offer a complete service facility to repair your GRT Chassis whether you need stub repair or just general chassis repair.