Who owns Wormald fire?

Who owns Wormald fire?

Evergreen Capital L.P.
In 2016 the Australian fire-protection business of Tyco International – including the Wormald brand – was bought out by a New York-based private-equity firm, Evergreen Capital L.P. (who already purchased Tyco’s Fijian fire-protection business, as well as the rights to use the Wormald name there).

Is Wormald owned by Tyco?

The deal for global fire and security company Tyco to sell off its Wormald Australian fire business has been finalised. Tyco entered into an agreement to sell the business to Wormald International, LLC (Wormald), a newly established subsidiary of Evergreen Capital.

Who owns Wormald Australia?

Tyco International
Evergreen Capital, L.P.
Tyco New Zealand Limited/Parent organizations

Who owns Wormald?

Who owns Wormald Security?

February 2021 marks a significant milestone for Wormald. It was five years ago in 2016, that Wormald announced it was being taken private and returning to local management after a period of ownership under global fire and security company Tyco (now known as Johnson Controls).

What are the basic fire protection systems?

A common fire protection system is a smoke detector and a sprinkler. The water protects against the spread of fire. While this is an effective method, when dealing with certain critical equipment or special hazards, automatic fire suppression systems using clean agents are a better choice.

Where does the name Wormald come from?

English (Yorkshire): habitational name from Wormald in West Yorkshire or Wormhill in Derbyshire, which is named from an Old English personal name Wyra + hyll ‘hill’.

What are the different examples of fire protection systems?

Fire suppression systems, smoke detectors, and sprinkler systems are all types of fire protection systems that help with fire detection and protecting building occupants and equipment.

How are Wormald fire&security installations carried out?

Our installations are carried out and maintained by fully licensed and highly trained technicians through a network of Wormald Fire & Security offices across Fiji.

What company makes Wormald fire doors?

Wormald International. Wormald is an Australian fire protection brand founded in 1889. Founded as an importer and distributor of fire doors and fire sprinklers, it grew over the decades into a diversified manufacturer of steel and metal products as well as a leader in the fire protection industry in Australia and New Zealand.

Who is wildwormald international?

Wormald International. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Wormald is an Australian fire protection brand founded in 1889.

Is Tyco owned by Wormald?

In 1990, Wormald International, valued at US$1 billion, was itself purchased by Princeton, New Jersey -based Tyco International – becoming part of its Boca Raton, Florida -based fire protection division that included Grinnell Mechanical Products (the company whose fire sprinklers Mather & Platt had licensed to be distributed by Wormald in 1889).