Who plays Jesper in Seaside?

Who plays Jesper in Seaside?

Rosalinde Mynster
Born Rosalinde Spanning 28 September 1990 Frederiksberg, Denmark
Alma mater University of Southern Denmark
Occupation Actor
Years active 1998–present

What happened to Amanda’s sister on Seaside Hotel?

What happened to Amanda’s younger sister Vera? She disappeared from the show!

Who plays Mrs aurland in Seaside Hotel?

Cecilie Stenspil
Main cast

Actor Character
Cecilie Stenspil Helene Aurland
Bjarne Henriksen Manufacturer Otto Frigh
Anette Støvelbæk Alice Frigh
Birthe Neumann Mrs Olga Fjeldsø

Who wrote seaside hotel?

Stig Thorsboe
Hanna Lundblad

Is Seaside Hotel still filming?

Svinkløv beach hotel burned down in 2016 but was rebuilt and opened in 2019. The TV show takes place in the years 1928-1933 at ‘Andersen’s Beach Hotels’ by the west coast of North Jutland.

Will there be Season 6 of Seaside Hotel?

Season six of the Danish drama “Seaside Hotel” will debut Nov. 20 on the PBS Masterpiece Prime Video channel. Six years have passed and it is now the summer of 1939.

Was Amanda pregnant in Seaside Hotel?

And Amanda goes from tomboy debutante to what is clearly pregnant in 7 seasons, but with no mention of it in the story line other than “I’m getting fat because you are such a good cook.” The locations are gorgeous, lovely even in the rain.

Is seaside hotel a real place?

In each episode, we supplement the set by shooting scenes by the sea and beach on the west coast of Jutland, where the fictional hotel is located in the story.

Is Amanda pregnant in Seaside Hotel Season 7?

Is the hotel in Seaside Hotel Real?

Where is seaside hotel filmed?

North Jutland
Experience the beautiful west coast of North Jutland in the tv show “Badehotellet” (The Beach Hotel) on Danish TV2, a sixth season was aired in 2019. The sixth season of “Badehotellet” takes place in 1939 and the hotel has changed a lot.

Where was Seaside filmed?

Locations. The TV show was filmed by Svinkløv, Grønnestrand and Slettestrand. Explore some of the beautiful locations yourself, in Jammerbugten.