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Who sang the original torete?

Who sang the original torete?

From 1999 to 2004, Acel was the front-woman for the popular band Moonstar88. During her five years with theband she released two studio albums (Popcorn in 2001 and Press to Play in 2002) producing highly acclaimed songs Torete, Sulat, Sa Langit, and Fall On Me.

Is Moonstar88 still active?

Moonstar88 is a Filipino rock band formed in Manila, Philippines in 1999….

Origin Manila, Philippines
Genres Alternative rock pop rock
Years active 1999–present

Why did Acel leave Moonstar88?

Acel’s self-imposed hiatus from music provided her ample time to pursue her personal advocacies which included Right Start, the non-government organization (NGO) that provides a creative caring space for disadvantaged children ages 4 to 14.

Is Kitchie Nadal a band?

MOJOFLY1999 – 2003
Kitchie Nadal/Music groups

Who is the vocalist of Mojofly?

Kitchie Nadal

Who is Acel?

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Why did Kitchie Nadal left Mojofly?

In 2003, she left the band for a solo career under Be. Live Artist Management after doing two albums—Birthday (1999) and A Million Stories (2002). Kitchie offered this answer: “Mojofly kasi was more of a Ricci band. I only sing songs.” (You just read between the lines.)

What does the name Acel mean?

French Baby Names Meaning: In French Baby Names the meaning of the name Acel is: Adherent of a nobleman.

What Axel means?

my father is peace
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Who are the members of Moonstar 88?

Consisting of Acel Bisa (vocals, guitar), Teng Marcelo (guitar, vocals), Herbert Hernandez (guitars), Paolo Bernaldo (bass), and William Pineda (drums), Moonstar 88 formed in Manila, Philippines in February 1999. The group toured the city’s club circuit and cafes; they became a live favorite at colleges, often performing at universities.

What is the original version of Moonstar88?

The original version of Moonstar88 was noisy. However, when Herbert’s older brother Darwin (who now manages the band) gifted the band the song “Torete” they went to a more pop-ish sound although still in tune to their alternative roots. “Never kami sumabay sa uso,” summed up vocalist and guitarist Maysh Baay.

Is Moonstar88’s new album’Press to play’coming?

MANILA — Indie rock band Moonstar88 is releasing its latest yet untitled fifth album sometime soon. The band’s last three albums – “Press to Play,” “Todo Combo,” and “This Year” — came five years apart. “Inadvertently,” qualified guitarist and sole remaining member of the original Moonstar88 lineup, Herbert Hernandez.

What is moonmoonstar 88’s most famous song?

Moonstar 88 eventually won Song of the Year for “Sa Langit” (“In Heaven”) as well as awards for Band of the Year and New Artist of the Year. The group’s second full-length, Press to Play, brought even more raves and commercial success.