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Who was first chairman of HEC of Pakistan?

Who was first chairman of HEC of Pakistan?

President Musharraf invited scientist and chemist Atta-ur-Rahman, who was Federal Minister of science and technology, to be its first chair and immediately passed the Presidential Ordinance on 11 September 2002 to establish the Higher Education Commission.

Who is the Chairman of Higher Education Commission?

Chairman Higher Education Commission Dr. Shaista Sohail Executive Director, Higher Education Commission
Secretary Ministry of Science & Technology, Islamabad Secretary Higher Education Department Government of the Punjab, Lahore

Who established HEC?

HECL a Public Sector Undertaking, under Ministry of Heavy Industry, Government of India, is a leading organization in India. HEC was incorporated on 31.12. 1958 under the Companies Act, 1956. The company started production in the year 1964.

Who is HEC director?

Name​ Designation Fax No.
Mr. Javed Memon (Regional Coordinator) Regional Director HEC 021-99230290
Mr. Muhammad Saleem Siddiqui Focal Person) Assistant Director -do-
Mr. Arshad Kamran (Regional Coordinator) Director General- RC HEC 091 921 7643
Mr. Shafi Ur Rahman (Focal Person) Assistant Director 091-9217878

Who is minister of education in Pakistan?

Shafqat Mahmood
On direction of Federal Minister for Education, Professional Training, Shafqat Mahmood, Federal Directorate of Education in coll…

When was Hec established in Pakistan?

September 2002
Established in September 2002, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has been charged with spearheading the government’s higher education reform initiatives, with an ultimate goal of transforming Pakistan from an agricultural economy to a knowledge-based economy.

Who is the current Minister of higher education?

C.N. Ashwath Narayan
Department’s Secretariat

Name Designation Code
Sri. C.N. Ashwath Narayan Hon’ble Higher Education Minister, GOK 080
Shri Kumar Naik G., I.A.S Additional Chief Secretary to Government, Higher Education Department 080
Sri. K.L.Subramanya Joint Secretary to Government, Higher Education Dept. (Universities) 080

What is HEC full form?

HEC – Higher Education Commission.

When was Hec formed?

Higher Education Commission/Founded
Since its establishment in 2002, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has undertaken a systematic process of implementing five-year plans for higher education reform.

Who is the current Minister of Higher Education?

What is Pqr in Hec?

Pakistan Qualification Register. ​The Pakistan Qualification Register (PQR) is the key component of the Pakistan Qualification Framework (PQF). It contains the details of the qualification and providers recognized/accredited by the Higher Education Commission.