Who wrote the lyrics for The Water is Wide?

Who wrote the lyrics for The Water is Wide?

Pete Seeger
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Who is the original singer of The Water is Wide?

The modern “The Water Is Wide” was popularized by Pete Seeger in the folk revival. There have been multiple subsequent variations of the song and several names — including “Waly, Waly”, “There is a Ship”, and “Cockleshells” — which use and re-use different selections of lyrics.

Where did Cecil Sharp live?

Sharp decided to emigrate to Australia on his father’s suggestion. He arrived in Adelaide in November 1882 and early in 1883 obtained a position as a clerk in the Commercial Bank of South Australia.

Where was the water is wide filmed?

Wilmington, N.C.
Production: Filmed on location in Wilmington, N.C., by Hallmark Hall of Fame Prods., in association with Fox Television Studios.

Is the book The Water is Wide a true story?

The Water Is Wide is a 1972 memoir by Pat Conroy and is based on his work as a teacher on Daufuskie Island, South Carolina, which is called Yamacraw Island in the book. The book sometimes is identified as nonfiction and other times identified as a novel.

What did John and Alan Lomax do?

JOHN LOMAX AND ALAN LOMAX Born in 1867, John A. Lomax is the person who put the Archive of American Folk Song on the map with his field recording trips. Under adverse circumstances he, and later his son Alan, were responsible for a singular achievement in preserving roots music.

Is Cecil Sharp a song writer?

Many of the most popular musicians of the British Folk Revival of the 1960s, for example, used songs collected by Sharp in their music and understood his contribution….

Cecil Sharp
Notable work English Folk Song: Some Conclusions English Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians The Country Dance Book

Is the water is wide a true story?