Why did Anna Funder write stasiland?

Why did Anna Funder write stasiland?

Writing both fiction and nonfiction, Funder has attracted international acclaim and controversy for her exploration of Germany’s turbulent history. After the Berlin Wall came down she returned to Germany as the Writer in Residence at the Australia Centre in the University of Potsdam, and began writing Stasiland.

Is All that I Am a true story?

All That I Am is the story of a group of German pacifists forced to flee the country when Hitler comes to power. Based on real people, the novel is narrated in two voices: the revolutionary playwright and poet Ernst Toller, and a teacher called Ruth Becker.

Who wrote all that I am?

Anna Funder
All That I Am/Authors

All That I Am is Australian writer Anna Funder’s first fictional work, published in 2011. It follows characters affected by the Nazi regime in pre-war Germany and Britain.

What happens at the end of stasiland?

At the end of the book, Miriam gives Funder a copy of a poem that Charlie wrote shortly before his death, which ends: “In this land / I have been sown / Only my head sticks / Defiant, out of the earth / But one day it too will be mown / Making me, finally / Of this land.”

What type of book is stasiland?

Stasiland: Oh Wasn’t it so Terrible – True Stories from Behind the Berlin Wall/Genres

Who is Puzzle woman in stasiland?

Funder receives a letter from a German viewer regarding the famous “puzzle women”—women who try to reassemble the files the Stasi shredded in their final days. The viewer explains that he wants to do a story on what life is like for East Germans living in the mid-1990s.

Who is Frau Paul in stasiland?

Frau Paul is another woman to whom Anna Funder speaks during her time in Berlin in the 1990s. Paul witnessed the rise of the East German state following the fall of the Third Reich, and in 1961, the same year that the Berlin Wall was built, she gave birth to a child named Torsten.

Is there a stasiland movie?

It won the Miles Franklin Prize, spent over one and a half years on the bestseller list, and is being made into a feature film. Anna’s. A contemporary classic, Stasiland won the 2004 Samuel Johnson Prize for best non-fiction in English.

Who is Klaus in stasiland?

Klaus Jentzsch is a musician and German celebrity, who for many years was one of the biggest rock stars in East Germany.

Who Is Julia in stasiland?

Julia Behrend is the owner of the apartment where Anna Funder stays during her time in Berlin. She’s a young woman, the same age as Anna, and she grew up in East Germany at a time when the Stasi were being particularly aggressive in monitoring its citizens.

Who wrote stasiland?

Stasiland: Oh Wasn’t it so Terrible – True Stories from Behind the Berlin Wall/Authors
Anna Funder’s Samuel Johnson Prize-winning Stasiland is an Australian classic, the definitive account of tyranny and resistance in the former East Germany.

What happens to Julia at the end of stasiland?

Julia’s memories of East Germany, and the immediate aftermath of the fall of the East German state, continue to wound her. Shortly after the Berlin Wall falls, she was raped by a strange man who, it’s quite possible, was released from prison in the confusion of the new political order.

Is Stasiland by Anna Funder a true story?

Overview Stasiland, by Anna Funder, originally published in 2002, is the true account of life in East Germany during the Communist regime, from 1949 to 1990. It tells the stories of those who resisted and engaged in what has been called the most perfected surveillance state of all time.

Why did Anna Funder go to Berlin?

Anna Funder, the author and narrator, travels to Berlin from Australia in 1996. She’s there to work for a German TV station and research the state of the country following the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, and the ensuing collapse of the Communist East German state.

What is Stasiland about?

Stasiland is a lyrical, at times funny account of the courage some people found to withstand the communist dictatorship,…

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