Why did Madonna cover American Pie?

Why did Madonna cover American Pie?

The song was written as my attempt at an epic song about America and I used the imagery of music and politics to do that.” So there you have it, America. Oh, and just what did McLean think about Madonna’s cover of his national treasure? “It is a gift for her to have recorded ‘American Pie,’” McLean said.

Who has sang the song American Pie?

Don McLean
American Pie, Pt. 1/Artists

Is American Pie The longest song recorded?

Don McLean, the singer of the nearly nine-minute-long hit “American Pie,” has held the record for longest song to reach No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart since 1972. Swift sent a bouquet of flowers and sweet note to McLean, thanking him for his music.

What Madonna album is American Pie on?

The Next Best Thing
American Pie/Album
It was co-produced by Madonna and William Orbit and released on the singer’s Maverick label, after Rupert Everett (Madonna’s co-star in The Next Best Thing) had convinced her to cover the song for the film’s soundtrack. It is included as an international bonus track on her eighth studio album, Music.

What does the term American Pie mean?

Having the attributes associated uniquely or primarily with Americans.

What band was Don McLean in?

In 2004, McLean was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. In January 2018, BMI certified that “American Pie” and “Vincent” had reached five million and three million airplays respectively….Discography.

Year Album
1970 Tapestry
1971 American Pie
1972 Don McLean
1973 Playin’ Favorites

Who did Don McLean write Vincent about?

Vincent van Gogh
McLean says he was reading a biography of Vincent van Gogh when he stumbled upon the idea of composing a song about him. The song became an homage to the artist and his work. McLean understands Vincent’s struggle. That he wasn’t crazy, but that he was afflicted by illness.