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Why does my Ford Focus idle rough?

Why does my Ford Focus idle rough?

The most common reasons a Ford Focus has rough idle are a vacuum leak, an issue with the spark plugs, or a problem with the ignition coil.

Why is my Ford Focus stalling?

The most common cause of stalling in your Ford Focus SE relates to control of the air entering the engine.

Why does my engine cut out when I accelerate?

There are many reasons why your vehicle may be losing power, especially when accelerating. Some of these common causes are: Mechanical problems such as: Low compression, clogged fuel filter, dirty air filter, clogged Exhaust Manifold. Malfunction of actuators such as: Bad injectors, bad fuel pump, bad spark plugs.

How do I adjust the idle RPM?

Turn the idle screw, now exposed from the protective rubber coating, in order to adjust the idle. Loosen the screw in a counter-clockwise fashion to increase idle speed or tighten it in a clockwise manner in order to decrease the idle speed. Ideally, you will want the idle to rest at 650 RPM.

What does a bad IAC valve cause?

When the idle air control valve fails, it inhibits the flow of air through the engine. When the car can’t receive air, it leads to engine stalling. The severity of this symptom can range from occasional stalling at first, to stalling immediately after ignition.

What is the Ford Focus Zetec idle problem?

Please try again later. A common problem with the Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec is that the engine starts to idle too slow and can sometime cut out. This is often caused by dirt clogging up the throttle body and restricting the airflow to the engine.

How long do Zetec engines last?

The Zetec is a pretty reliable engine and can last well in excess of 150,000 miles. But if there is one thing that crops up time and time again it is a poor idle. It can be so bad it can stall the car or cause the revs to hang at a bad moment for that.

Why does the Morgan Zetec have such a rough idle?

Bear in mind that all 16 valve engines tend to have a rougher idle than their 8 valve brethren. Also the ECU on the Morgan Zetec prioritizes low emissions over good performance so even on a perfect car, there will be some unevenness of idle as the ECU searches for the very lowest emissions.

How do I know if my Zetec engine is bad?

Although the list here is large and growing, do not assume the Zetec engine is fault-ridden. These commonly break down, often in only a few thousand miles. They show as a slight stutter when idling or a misfire at high load. Best diagnostic is to swap for a known good set.