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Why does the Mariner have to tell his story?

Why does the Mariner have to tell his story?

Coleridge wanted his poem to be spoken by a fictitious narrator in order to avoid giving the impression that he was speaking about an experience of his own. He invented the ancient mariner for this purpose. The fact that this eccentric character seems so authentic adds to the verisimilitude of the long tale.

What Is The Rime of the Ancient Mariner about short summary?

An Ancient Mariner, unnaturally old and skinny, with deeply-tanned skin and a “glittering eye”, stops a Wedding Guest who is on his way to a wedding reception with two companions. He tries to resist the Ancient Mariner, who compels him to sit and listen to his woeful tale.

How is nature depicted in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner?

Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner fits into the Romantic tradition. The poem begins at the wedding feast, with the Wedding Guest observing and enjoying a quintessentially civilized setting in which nature is subdued. Instead, the poem conceives of nature as being an expression of the spiritual world.

What did the wedding guest Learn from the Ancient Mariner?

Through the telling of the ancient Mariner’s tale, the Wedding-Guest became sadder and wiser. He became sad in that he identified himself with the shallow and self-absorbed mariner. The Wedding-Guest became wise through realizing that he himself needed to alter his ways.

Why does the wedding guest beat his breast?

The wedding guest beat his breast because he had been held up by the mariner while he could hear the loud bassoon, which was an indicator that the bride had reached the hall.

Where was the wedding guest hurrying before he sat down to listen to the Mariner Where did he sit?

(b) Where is the Wedding Guest? Answer: The Wedding Guest is sitting on a stone and listening to the Ancient Mariner’s story.

What is the symbolic significance of the Mariner being able to sleep now?

It is because he sees the beauty in nature and has come to appreciate all living things as having value that he is able to pray, the albatross falls off his neck, and he is able to sleep.

Does the wedding guest make it to the wedding in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner?

The Wedding Guest is a man on his way to a wedding celebration – he seems to be a relative of the groom, a young man, perhaps in his twenties, who enjoys a good party – when he is chosen by the Mariner to hear his tale. But either way, the Wedding Guest cannot help but listen to the story.

How did the other crew members behave with the Ancient Mariner How many times did they change their mind?

They changed their mind three times. This shows that they did not have an opinion of their own or a mind of their own.

How does the Mariner know who needs to hear his story?

The mariner tells his story to a random younger guy who’s on his way to attend a family wedding. This guest is actually outdoors and on his way into the wedding, and is a stranger to the mariner, who stops him to tell him the tale. The speaker of the poem calls this listener “The Wedding-Guest.”

How does the Mariner break his curse?

Everyone on the Mariner’s ship dies. But the Mariner escapes his curse by unconsciously blessing the hideous snakes, and the albatross drops off his neck into the ocean. The Mariner falls into a sweet sleep, and it finally rains when he wakes up.

What does the Mariner tell the guest he out to love?

The Mariner declares to the Wedding-Guest that he who loves all God’s creatures leads a happier, better life; he then takes his leave. The Wedding-Guest walks away from the party, stunned, and awakes the next morning “a sadder and a wiser man.”

What do the spirits represent in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner?

It is a natural creature with a spiritual connection (the spirit that loved the bird and seeks penance for the wrong done to the both of them). It links the two worlds since its death is the inciting incident that sets the Mariner on his path to both Romantic enlightenment and hopeful absolution.

What bird that flew overhead was considered a good omen by the Mariner and his crew?


How does the wedding guest react to the Mariner?

After hearing the entire tale, the mariner leaves the wedding guest. The wedding guest is so disturbed by the story that he no longer wants to go into the wedding. He leaves as if he is senseless. This could mean that he is numb, or it could mean that his thinking ability has left him.