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Why is Infinite Campus not working?

Why is Infinite Campus not working?

You may need to uninstall the app, power off your device, power on your device and then reinstall your app. The error message may be presented to a user if they attempt to log into the Campus Portal app with an incorrect District ID. For some users the issue is corrected by performing the following actions: 1.

What is the username and password for Infinite Campus?

If this is your first time logging onto Infinite Campus, the username is Student ID(this can be obtained from your school) your password is the student’s first name initial, last name initial followed by birth date using a 6 digit number: for example Jim Smith born on May 6, 1999 would have a password of js050699.

How do you log into Infinite Campus?

Logging in from a Web Browser

  1. Visit and click Login at the top right.
  2. Search for your District Name and State. Select your district from the list.
  3. Click Parent/Student.
  4. Click either Campus Parent or Campus Student.
  5. Enter the Username and Password provided by your school.
  6. Click Log In!

Why is my Infinite Campus account disabled?

After three unsuccessful login attempts, Infinite Campus disables your account for security purposes. In such cases contact your child’s school.

How do you get your Infinite Campus student password?

Teachers can access a student’s username and password through Campus Tools from Campus Instruction. Select Campus Tools. Campus Tools will pop up and then select the Search tab. Under the Search tab, there is a pre-populated dropdown box which should show Students.

How do I reset my infinite campus password?

Resetting a Forgotten Password

  1. Visit and click “Campus Student” if you are a student or “Campus Parent” if you are a parent.
  2. Click “Forgot Password?”
  3. Enter your username, then click “Submit.”
  4. In the email, click on the password reset link.
  5. Enter a secure password, then click “Update.”

How do you access the portal?

You can access it two ways – by physically connecting to your Portal using an Ethernet cable or over WiFi. Once you are connected to your Portal please type either 192.168. 8.1 or in your favorite web browser (Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Internet Explorer, etc.).

How can I get unilag matric number?

To do this:

  1. Login to
  2. Click on Portal Login.
  3. Click on FRESH/NEW STUDENTS button.
  4. Enter your login details (Username & Password) and Submit.
  5. Automatically generate your ‘MATRICULATION NUMBER’ and take note of it.
  6. Re-Login with your Username as (Matric.
  7. Click on ‘ MY ACCOUNTS’ tab.

What is the URL for Infinite Campus?

Infinite Campus Has a New URL Please go to to access Infinite Campus from now on.