Why is Kapurthala famous for?

Why is Kapurthala famous for?

Kapurthala is very popular for its production of crops like wheat, sugar, cotton and is a major seller for all kinds of rice. The city is famous for its tourist attractions like the Sainik School (Jagatjit Singh Palace), Panj Mandir, Elysee Palace, Moorish Mosque, the Jagatjit Club and more.

What is PB in number plate?

Punjab (PB) – Vehicle Registration (RTO) Codes.

What is the language of Kapurthala?

• Total 101,854
• Official Punjabi
Time zone UTC+5:30 (IST)

Does Kapurthala have an airport?

Kapurthala does not have an airport of its own, with the nearest airport being the Raja Sani Airport at Amritsar, which is at a distance of 75 km. It has a chain of flights operating both within and outside the country.

What PB is Ludhiana?

Punjab RTO Codes with Office Locations

RTO Locations RTO Code
Ludhiana PB-10
Patiala PB-11
Ropar PB-12
Sangrur PB-13

Which city is PB02?

List of RTO Punjab

RTO Location RTO Code
Chandigarh PB01
Amritsar PB02
Bathinda PB03
Faridkot PB04

What are Jalandhar and Ludhiana famous for?

Ans. Jalandhar is famous for its sports goods while Ludhiana is famous for its woollen hosiery industry.

What is PB 27?

Kharar, Mohali PB-27 Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Punjab a government organisation whose main objective is to maintain the database of all the vehicles and the drivers for Punjab.

What is the capital of Kapurthala?

The city lies on a flat alluvial plain, about 12 miles (20 km) west of Jalandhar. Kapurthala was founded in the 11th century. In 1780 it became the capital of the princely state of Kapurthala, and it remained the capital until that state was incorporated into India in 1948.