Why is the Strawberry Special to Zeta Tau Alpha?

Why is the Strawberry Special to Zeta Tau Alpha?

The strawberry is special to Zeta Tau Alpha because a secret admirer of one of the founders gave her a basket of strawberries, and this gave them the inspiration for their first meeting.

What is Zeta Tau Alpha known for?

The purpose of Zeta Tau Alpha is to intensify friendship, promote happiness among its members, and in every way to create such sentiments; to perform such deeds, and to mold such opinions as will conduce to the building up of a nobler and purer womanhood in the world.

What was Zetas original name?

Zeta Tau Alpha was founded by nine women on October 15, 1898 at the State Female Normal School, now known as Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia. The founders started Zeta because the members hoped to create permanence in their friendships and hoped to perpetuate their sisterhood after college.

Is Zeta Tau Alpha a fraternity or sorority?

Zeta Tau Alpha is known as a fraternity, not as a sorority. A “sorority” is an organization whose members have banded together for reasons of common interest and mutual benefit.

What does ZLAM mean?

Zeta love and mine
Fun fact: you may have heard the word “zlam” used by a Zeta before, but it’s meaning runs deeper than most people know. It stands for “Zeta love and mine”. Meaning that when you say it to your sister you are expressing love in two ways: 1) from the Zeta sisterhood as a whole 2) From you as a person and an individual.

What are Zetas colors?

Zeta’s traditional symbol is the bunny. This is used by most chapters but is not a national symbol. The colors of Zeta Tau Alpha are Turquoise Blue and Steel Grey. Our Flower is White Violet which grows in abundance in Virginia.

What is Zeta Tau Alpha?

The purpose of Zeta Tau Alpha is the intensifying of friendship, the fostering of a spirit of love, the creating of such sentiments, the performing of such deeds, and the moulding of such opinions as will be conducive to the building up of a purer and nobler womanhood in the world.

What is ZTA Alpha?

Zeta Tau Alpha’s nine Founders envisioned an organization that would perpetuate their ties of friendship. Almost 125 years later, over 280,000 women have experienced the opportunity of ZTA membership.

What is the ZTA experience like?

Sisterhood, love and friendship. These are the words that come to mind when our members think of Zeta Tau Alpha. Although the ZTA experience begins in college, it extends far beyond four years. The ZTA experience is made up of many parts. Sisters are connected to a large network of over 235,000 women, which provides countless opportunities.

Why become a ZTA member?

Women develop leadership skills by taking on responsibility both within ZTA and in their communities. The Fraternity and ZTA Foundation support members’ growth through educational programming and opportunities to serve others and promote breast cancer education and awareness.