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Why was Googoosh banned?

Why was Googoosh banned?

Forty years earlier, after the Iranian Revolution, I was grappling with being unable to stay outside of Iran. I decided to return, and because singing is banned for women under the current regime, was unable to perform for 21 years. For 21 years, I didn’t know anything about my listeners.

Is Googoosh married?

Masoud Kimiaim. 1991–2005
Homayoun Mesdaghim. 1980–1990Behrouz Vossoughim. 1975–1976Mahmoud Ghorbanim. 1967–1972

How can I contact Googoosh?

Googoosh Management If you have any questions on how to use our service, you can contact: [email protected] Book Googoosh.

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When did Googoosh leave Iran?

“But they couldn’t.” At the peak of her career, Googoosh was forced to live in silence for 21 years. Then, in July of 2000, the government granted her permission to visit her family in Los Angeles, and she left.

Who was Googoosh husband?


What are some of the songs that Googoosh has performed?

She also collaborated with Alireza Afkari and Roozbeh Bemani on three songs ( E’jaz and Baraye Man and Behesht ). Another single Bi Manoto was a musical rendition of a poem by the Persian poet Rumi. The poem came to Googoosh’s attention while she was banned from singing at the time of the Iran–Iraq War.

What is Googoosh famous for?

Googoosh. Faegheh Atashin ( Persian: فائقه آتشین ‎, born 5 May 1950), better known by her stage name Googoosh ( Persian: گوگوش ‎) is an Iranian singer and actress. She is known for her contributions to Iranian pop music, but also starred in a variety of Persian movies from the 1950s to the 1970s.

When did Googoosh release Aks-e Khosoosi?

On 21 March 2015, Googoosh released her 7th album titled Aks-e Khosoosi ( Private Portrait) including 11 tracks from different songwriters and composers such as Babak Sahraee, Nickan Ebrahimi, Babak Amini (Googoosh band leader). The first song of this album is Che Ziba Bood, which is also the last song that was composed by Varujan .

What is the Googoosh comeback tour?

The Googoosh Comeback Tour was a series of concerts starting in July 2000. She began with a sold-out concert at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on 29 July 2000 (with an audience of more than 12,000), and eventually brought the tour to a conclusion in Dubai on 21 and 24 March 2001 on the occasion of the Iranian New Year, Nowruz.