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Why was Shepard bad in mw2?

Why was Shepard bad in mw2?

Shepherd’s plan was to mislead the Task Force 141 and he was feeding them a line. Shepherd actually betrayed them in a very sensible way. Although Ghost and Roach found important intelligence regarding the Ultranationalist leader, they would lose this information, too.

Who plays Shepard in modern warfare?

Lance Henriksen is the voice of General Shepherd in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Who voices General Lyons in modern warfare?

Debra Wilson is the voice of General Lyons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019).

Why is soap called soap Cod?

Infinite Warfare is also made by Infinity Ward, with the new name being a reference to John MacTavish. Set in the future, the game makes reference to the events of the Modern Warfare series. Soap had his name cleared in Modern Warfare 3, and the public celebrated his heroics again.

Who is General Shepherd in Modern Warfare 2?

Lieutenant General Shepherd was an officer in the United States Army in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 who commanded the United States Marine Corps, U.S. Army Rangers, Task Force 141 and his own elite army known as Shadow Company.

How do you find Shepherd in MW2 ghost?

Shepherd can be seen in a prone position before he runs in front of the player in ” Endgame “. Close-up of Shepherd’s face in “Endgame”. Shepherd looking down at the wounded Soap. Shepherd’s corpse. Note that the knife is between his eyes. General Shepherd in Modern Warfare 2: Ghost.

Does Shepherd take the DSM in mw2r?

Shepherd takes the DSM. Roach’s last view of Shepherd as he burns in the fire. General Shepherd in Call of Duty Online. Shepherd looking at Ghost and Roach, note that Roach lacks a head. Shepherd kills Ghost in MW2R.

What is Shepherd’s name in Call of Duty Ghosts?

In ” Vortex “, the scarecrows dotted around the map wore Shepherd’s uniform. In Soap’s Journal, Soap refers to Shepherd’s mustache as a “Caterpillar”. The game files spell his name as “Shepard.” In Call of Duty: Ghosts, at the beginning of the mission, ” All or Nothing “, a magazine titled “Gossip & Lies” can be found on a seating.