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Are stressless recliners worth the price?

Are stressless recliners worth the price?

While you’ll pay more for Stressless recliners, sofas, and office chairs, you gain a lot more for your dollar. Cheaper, mass-produced furniture doesn’t last as long and often ends up in landfills. With Stressless, you receive high-quality furniture pieces to enjoy for decades while reducing waste.

What is the weight limit on a stressless chair?

What are the weight limits on Stressless recliners? The Classic, Signature, Star, Office and Moon base recliners have been tested up to 287 pounds.

How do swivel recliners work?

Swivel recliners are designed on a circular base that allows them to swivel left and right as well as recline backwards. These recliners have a full range of motion that many people prefer to the more limited motion of other recliners.

What kind of furniture does Stressless offer?

We offer a wide range of contemporary furniture, from our classic Stressless recliner chairs, ottomans, love seats and sofas, to fully customizable home theater seating and coordinating accessories. Recognized by stylish circles worldwide, Stressless is a distinctive Norwegian brand, designed and produced in the Sunnmøre Alps of central Norway.

How much does a stressless sofa cost?

Set Descending Direction Stressless Stella 2.5-Seat Low Back Sofa by Ekornes $5,295.00 Stressless Stella 2-Seat Low Back Sofa by Ekornes $4,495.00 Stressless YOU Michelle Loveseat by Ekornes As low as $3,395.00 Stressless Julia Karma Aqua Fabric Set $9,790.00 Stressless Buckingham 3 seat High back in Paloma Taupe Leather on a Walnut Base $5,795.00

What makes the Dixon Largo so special?

The Dixon’s exclusive Largo base swivels 360 degrees, and reclines a full 130 degrees. Firm support from the Steel tube frame and the high density foam. Convenient position hold features keeps the right position for your, watching TV, reading or a nap.

Why buy a power reclining chair for your living room?

Living room chairs add comfort, style and versatile seating options to personalize your home. When you shop at The Brick, you can find your new favourite power reclining chair, reclining chair, leather reclining chair, rocking chair or swivel chair. Furnishing your living room is a big undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be a challenge.