Can Endlers Livebearers breed with guppies?

Can Endlers Livebearers breed with guppies?

Yes, as you have found out first hand, guppies and endlers will cross and produce offspring. The offspring are not sterile and can be used to develop more guppy/endler varieties. Because of this, the Endler’s Livebearer is not its own species, and is actually just a unique guppy variant.

Can you keep only male Endlers Livebearers?

A: If you want to keep male and female Endlers, you’ll need a tank of at least 20-gallon capacity. However, you could keep three males in a small 5-gallon tank, and they should do well enough.

How many Endlers Livebearers should be kept together?

8-10 Endlers
Even the fry are easy to maintain and can be kept in different tanks away from males after they are born. As Endlers are not that rare and can be crossed with other guppies, pure and native Endlers are rare to find. About 8-10 Endlers must be kept together.

What’s the difference between guppies and Endlers?

Fin size and length is another difference between Endlers and guppies. Guppies often have large flowing fins while Endlers usually have much smaller fins. Long flowing fins in Endlers are a good indicator that the Endler has been hybridized with a guppy. Endlers often have a small sword on their caudal (tail) fin.

Are Tiger Endlers guppies?

The Yellow Tiger Endler’s Livebearer (Poecilia wingei var. “Yellow Tiger”) is an extremely colorful, peaceful fish whose small size makes it absolutely perfect for the nano or planted aquarium. This fish is very similar to the larger common guppy (Poecilia reticulata).

Can you keep all female Endlers?

Keeping one male to two or more females is a better ratio. There is no maximum number of Endlers you can keep in a group. You are only limited by the size of your aquarium.

How many Endlers is 5 gallons?

As for the endlers, 5-6 males would be good. I would avoid getting females to prevent the overpopulation problem. If you want to breed them, I suggest a bigger tank (15g+).

What is Cobra Guppy?

Cobra guppies are a form of fancy guppy that has a spotted pattern across its body, resembling a snakeskin. Poecilia means “many-colored,” and reticulata means “net-like,” which perfectly describes these vibrant little fishes.

How to tell if Guppy is male or female?

BODY a) Body Shape Male guppies,for the most part,have extremely thin,long bodies,while female guppies are typically significantly rounder and greater than the guys,in some

  • FINS a) Shape of Fins Fins are those part of fish which assist it in swimming and also gear its movements.
  • Growth Rate
  • How can you tell a male guppy from a female guppy?

    Another good way to tell a male guppy from a female is the presence or absence of a gravid spot. Pregnant female guppies (and female guppies are almost permanently pregnant) have a dark spot just above the anal fin. This is the developing young guppies.

    Is my Guppy male or female?

    The biggest, most certain way to tell if a guppy is a male or female is to look at the anal fin. This fin is on the bottom side of the fish, near the tail. It is between the paired ventral fins. In the female, the ventral fin looks like any triangular fin.

    How many female guppies per male guppy?

    You should maintain a good male to female ratio in your tank. Ideally, you should keep 3 female guppies to 1 male guppy. This way, your male guppies will have enough females around to chase and mate. And at the same time, your female guppies will not get stressed and will get respite from continuous male attention.