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Can I start NSCD service after a reboot?

Can I start NSCD service after a reboot?

Note: In addition to having nscd started it is mandatory to be sure this service will be started after a reboot. For instance on Red Hat and SuSE you can run: For more details on how to configure and or enable NSCD refer to your respective operating system vendor’s manpage.

What is NSCD and how to enable it?

By enabling the Name Service cache Daemon (NSCD) of the operating system, a significant performance improvement can be achieved when using naming services like DNS, NIS, NIS+, LDAP. Checked out “/var/tmp/file” from version “/main/10”.

What happens when NSCD daemon is restarted?

Everytime nscd daemon is restarted this value will reset to “0” and a fresh used data pool size is built using the existing hosts file. seconds time to live for positive entries – (From the man page) Sets the TTL (time-to-live) for positive entries (successful queries) in the specified cache for service.

What are the available service usage options for NSCD?

Available service usage options: # service nscd status nscd (pid 15382) is running… Reloading the service to re-read the configuration file: Example configuration file: