Can my child take Accelerated Reader tests at home?

Can my child take Accelerated Reader tests at home?

(1) Does Accelerated Reader support at-home quizzing? (2) If so, can you provide us with guidance around this? The answer to both questions is: absolutely. Accelerated Reader supports guided independent reading in face-to-face, remote, and hybrid/blended learning environments.

Can you take an AR test on a phone?

Download the AR student app. Note: You must have established and verified iTunes® and Apple® accounts before you can download the app. Share settings from one device with any and all devices the students will be using to take AR quizzes.

Is Accelerated Reader free?

It’s quite similar to Accelerated Reader, and it’s totally free. The kids can earn real prizes with their points, and parents can even create their own individualized prizes that can be posted on their child’s Book Adventure account when their child sign’s in.

How do I test my childs AR level?

Teachers or librarians determine your child’s reading level in one of three ways: a Renaissance Star Reading® test, a grade equivalent score from a standardized test, or using their best professional judgment based on their knowledge of your child.

How do I take an AR test online?

1 Visit your school’s Visit your school’s library Web page. Search for a link related to “Accelerated Reader” or “AR.” Most libraries do not offer online AR quizzes. But if yours does, click the link and follow the on-screen directions.

How much is an Accelerated Reader subscription?

Cost The school version of Accelerated Reader software can be ordered for $4 a student per year, with a one-time school fee of $1,599.

How much does Accelerated Reader cost UK?

Accelerated Reader costs £450 per year for 50 pupils, or £9 per pupil per year. This covers the annual licence needed for each participating pupil (the minimum subscription is for 50 pupils), one day of teacher training and year-long access to a free hotline telephone service.

What ar level should a 3rd grader be at?

3rd Grade: AR 3.0-3.9.