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Can OpenOffice edit Word documents?

Can OpenOffice edit Word documents?

The suite includes a robust array of office applications including a word processor, spreadsheet editor and database program. If you already have documents in Microsoft Office’s proprietary file formats, including Word’s DOC and DOCX formats, OpenOffice can open them without any intermediary conversion needed.

Can I open a DOCX file without word?

Yes! You can either use the Microsoft Word application for both iOS and Android, or you can add the document to your Google Drive and view it in Google Docs.

What app opens ODT files?

OpenDocument Reader app

Are ODT files safe?

The ODT file format is widely supported by modern version of Microsoft Office and its open source alternatives. ODT files are a zip-archive containing XML. The result is an attacker can use an ODT file to deliver malware which would be blocked if it were contained within an Microsoft Office format file.

Can OpenOffice save DOCX?

OpenOffice doesn’t have the ability to save as . docx. You have a number of alternatives: MS Office since around 2007 can read .

How do I open a new document?

If you already have a file open in Word, you can create a new document by clicking File>New. You can also use the shortcut Ctrl+N (Command+N for Mac). To open a blank document, double-click the blank document option.

How do I open an ODT file in Windows?

  1. Click Word’s “File” menu, and then click “Open.”
  2. Click “OpenDocument Text” from the “File of type” list to only display files in the ODT format.
  3. Locate the ODT file on your hard drive, click it, and then click “Open” to open it in Word. Alternatively, double-click the file to open it.

How do I convert ODT to PDF?

How to convert ODT to PDF from Microsoft Word

  1. Browse for the file you want to print by pressing the Office Button then Open.
  2. After you have opened the file, press the Office Button the Print and in the Print window select novaPDF as the printer name.
  3. Click OK and then OK again and the file will be converted to PDF.

How do I save as a DOCX?

The “Save As” dialog window will open. In the “Save as type” menu, select the “Word Document (. docx)” option. Click the “Save” button, and a copy of your file will be saved in DOCX format.

What is the shortcut to open a new Word document?

Word keyboard shortcut summary

  1. Open a document: Ctrl + O.
  2. Create a new document: Ctrl + N.
  3. Save the current document: Ctrl + S.
  4. Open the Save As window: F12.
  5. Close the current document: Ctrl + W.
  6. Split the window: Alt + Ctrl + S.

What is the shortcut key of open file?


How do I install OpenOffice on my laptop?

Overview of the download and installation procedure

  1. Review the System Requirements for Apache OpenOffice use.
  2. Download and install Java JRE if you need the features that are Java dependent.
  3. Download Apache OpenOffice 4.
  4. Login as administrator (if required).
  5. Unpack and install the downloaded Apache OpenOffice 4.

What does ODT file mean?

OpenDocument Text File format

Can you convert OpenOffice to Word?

Saving as a Microsoft Word document First save your document in OOo’s format (. odt). In the Save as type drop-down menu, select the type of Word format you need. Click Save.

How do I convert a DOCX to PDF?

How To Convert Docx To PDF Online

  1. Access the DOCX to PDF Converter.
  2. Drag and drop your DOCX file into the toolbox.
  3. Wait for the tool to convert it to PDF format.
  4. Download your PDF file.

Is OpenOffice compatible with Microsoft Office?

Although Apache OpenOffice can open Microsoft Office files. Microsoft Office has various degrees of support for ODF, starting in Office 2007, but earlier versions: MSO ’97, Office XP etc, are not able to open, read or write ODF documents.

Why can’t I open ODT files?

ODT is the file format for OpenOffice and LibreOffice Writer documents. When an ODT document is corrupted, an error message might pop up stating The file . odt is corrupt and therefore cannot be opened. Consequently, users can’t usually open corrupted ODT files by clicking on File > Open.

Is Open Office discontinued? (OOo), commonly known as OpenOffice, is a discontinued open-source office suite.

Is Open Office compatible with Windows 10?

We’re happy to inform you that OpenOffice is fully compatible with Windows 10, 8, and 7.

How do I open an ODT file in Windows 10?

Open an OpenDocument Text file in Word

  1. Click the Microsoft Office Button. , and then click Open.
  2. In the File of type list, click OpenDocument Text.
  3. Click the file you want to open, and then click Open.

Can I open a DOCX file in OpenOffice?

Open, and click on “File” in the file menu, then click on “Open.” A dialog window will appear. docx file within the dialog window, then click on the drop-down menu for “File type:” and select “Microsoft Word 2007 XML (. docx; . docm), then click “Open” at the bottom of the dialog window.

How do I open a document?

Open within Microsoft Word

  1. Open the Microsoft Word program.
  2. Click the File tab on the Ribbon and click the Open option.
  3. If the Open window does not appear, click the Browse option to open that window.
  4. In the Open window, find and select the file you want to open in Microsoft Word.

Is Open Office free to download?

Apache OpenOffice is free software. That means you are free to download it, free to install it on as many PCs as you like, free to pass copies to as many people as you like.

Is there a free version of Microsoft Office for Windows 10?

Whether you’re using a Windows 10 PC, Mac, or Chromebook, you can use Microsoft Office for free in a web browser. You can open and create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents right in your browser. To access these free web apps, just head to and sign in with a free Microsoft account.

How can I open a docx document?

Microsoft Word (version 2007 and above) is the primary software program used to open and edit DOCX files. If you have an earlier version of Microsoft Word, you can download the free Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack to open, edit, and save DOCX files in your older version of MS Word.

Which is better Open Office or Libre Office?

Although both LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice can open and edit native Microsoft formats DOCX and XLSX, only LibreOffice is able to save to these formats. If you’re going to be sharing documents with people using Microsoft Office, LibreOffice might therefore be the better choice.