Can you lock an oil tank?

Can you lock an oil tank?

Thieves will bring tools to access your tank, so it’s a good idea to keep your Heating Oil tank locked with a high-quality padlock. It does not need to be a specific Heating Oil tank padlock, you can purchase an all-weather combination padlock and tell your fuel supplier the code for delivery access.

How do you secure an oil tank?

How to secure your oil tank

  1. Location of your oil tank.
  2. Invest in quality padlocks.
  3. Hide your oil – Consider camouflage.
  4. Fit oil level gauges and tank alarms.
  5. Security lighting.
  6. Make some noise with gravel.
  7. Walls and fencing.
  8. CCTV.

How do you open a heating oil tank cap?

As long as it is long enough to reach the bottom of your oil tank, you’re good to go. Open your oil tank by removing the fill cap. Rotate it counterclockwise to open it. Lower your dipstick into the tank until it rests against the bottom.

Can someone steal your heating oil?

Heating oil theft most often targets tanks that are easy to get into and oil that is easy to access. By installing alarms and locks, you’re less likely to be a target for theft. If you don’t, you might become a victim of theft without even knowing it.

Is heating oil theft common?

Heating oil storage tanks can hold up to thousands of pounds worth of fuel, because of the outdoor and remote location it can make it an easy target for theft. Oil is not the easiest thing to steal, so chances of being targeted are relatively low however it still does occur.

How do I stop my oil tank theft?

10 Ways to Avoid Heating Oil Theft

  1. Choose the right type of heating oil tank. Let’s start at the beginning.
  2. Locate your heating oil tank in a secure place.
  3. Install an oil tank cage.
  4. Install security lighting.
  5. Install CCTV.
  6. Plant defensive plants.
  7. Invest in a wireless tank alarm.
  8. Install a lock.

What kind of pipe do you use for an oil tank?

It is proper to use black or galvanized iron pipes for the oil storage tank fill and vent pipes.

What is a fuel tank lock?

Tank Lock is a locking device that will fit to a standard 2″ fill point inlet on a fuel tank to prevent theft or contamination of stored fuel. Most existing locking caps are supplied in two pieces and are often secured in place using low quality padlocks which can easily be removed or broken.

Can someone steal your oil?

It is important that if you think someone is in the process of stealing your heating oil you do not approach them. Once the police have arrived if it is a confirmed heating oil theft get a crime number from the police. Call your insurance provider.

How do heating oil tank locks prevent theft?

The theft of heating oil from storage tanks is an ever growing issue, which has over the years led to a demand for fuel tank locks and home heating oil tank locking caps. Such oil tank locks help prevent theft by securing away access to the easiest place that a thief can siphon fuel from – the tank’s fill point.

What is a locking oil cap kit?

This 2 in. Locking Oil Cap Kit offers security for your heating oil tank. It features a magnetic key and rust-proof zinc castings. They provide for long-lasting performance along with a 2 in. straight female connector. How can we improve our product information? Provide feedback.

Do oil tank caps need to be padlock free?

Centre Tank Services have a variety of options from tradiitonal and more cost effective lockable oil tank caps that require the use of a padlock, to the more sophisticated Spinsecure Oil Tank Lock. This model uses clever technology which is padlock free and has no torque points for crowbar entry.