Do not use crackers slogans?

Do not use crackers slogans?

Say No To Crackers Slogans Social Messages “Green Is The New Black. Have A Eco-Friendly Diwali.” “Let This Diwali Burn All Your Bad Times, Celebrate An Eco-Friendly Diwali!” “Let Us Have A Smoke Free And Breathe Free Diwali.”

Why should we say no to crackers?

Crackers create high decibel sound and most people feel numbness in the ears after bursting crackers. It can also lead to deafness. Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrous Oxides and many other harmful gases are released because of crackers causing respiratory problems and diseases. We definitely don’t want to inhale them.

How can we celebrate Diwali without crackers slogan?

Slogans on Pollution Free Diwali

  1. This Diwali burst your ego, not crackers.
  2. Show that you care.
  3. May the lights brighten your life and Rangoli add colourful moments to it this Diwali.
  4. Let’s Not Forget Our Nature This Diwali, Celebrate An Eco-Friendly Diwali.

Why are there no crackers in Diwali?

“It is made clear that there is no total ban on the use of firecrackers, only those firecrackers are banned (joined, chemical) which are found to be injurious to health and affect the health of the citizens particularly the senior citizens and the children,” said a Bench of Justices MR Shah and AS Bopanna.

How do you wish Deepavali?

Diwali Wishes

  1. Have a happy and safe Diwali.
  2. May your Diwali be free from darkness and abundant with light.
  3. Have a fun and festive Diwali!
  4. Hoping your Diwali brings health, wealth, and happiness.
  5. May your Diwali bring peace and love to your life.
  6. Wishing you an abundance of love and riches this Diwali.

Who invented crackers?

Tradition tells of how Tom Smith (1823–1869) of London invented crackers in 1847. He created the crackers as a development of his bon-bon sweets, which he sold in a twist of paper (the origins of the traditional sweet-wrapper). As sales of bon-bons slumped, Smith began to come up with new promotional ideas.

Why do we crack crackers in Diwali?

Historically Diwali is celebrated to celebrate the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya but at that time in history firecrackers had not been invented. There is no mention of firecrackers being burst in Ayodhay in Tulsidas’ Ramcharitmanas. The use of gunpowder to make firecrackers also started in China in the 9th century.

How do you wish a Diwali student?

May Lord Rama empower you with focus and wisdom on the occasion of Diwali to shine bright in your studies…. Wishing you a very Happy Deepavali to My favourite student. I wish you 365 days of happiness, 52 weeks of prosperity and 12 months of success in your studies…