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Do you capitalize whom when referring to God?

Do you capitalize whom when referring to God?

Yes, the major style guides prefer that personal pronouns referring to God are not capitalized. So if you (or your client) wants to capitalize He and Him, You and Your, then they can.

Do you capitalize job titles in MLA?

In general, the MLA follows The Chicago Manual of Style for the capitalization of professional titles (“Titles”). When you are styling professional titles, we recommend that you strive for consistency and keep a style sheet that lists any exceptions.

Does board of directors need to be capitalized?

Capitalize board of directors when it is part of a proper name, e.g., “the Arizona Chapter Board of Directors,” and when it’s part of a heading. Lowercase board of directors when used alone or before the proper title, e.g., “the board of directors of First National Bank.”

Do you capitalize after an ellipsis?

Use a capital after an ellipsis only if what follows is the beginning of a sentence. Text that includes a sentence ending in a full stop followed by an ellipsis then a sentence beginning with a capital letter indicates that at least one complete sentence is missing.

Should mass have a capital M?

The word “mass” in general is a noun, verb and an adjective. However, in reference to the Catholic church, in the english language its a noun, and is capitalized. When you are referring to the Holy Catholic Mass, the word Mass should always be capitalized.

Do you capitalize funeral Mass?

Always capitalize when referring to the ceremony, but lowercase any preceding adjectives: high Mass, low Mass, requiem Mass.

Is board of directors capitalized AP style?

When referring to a specific board of directors, then “Board of Directors” should be capitalized, as you are describing a specific group of people with titles. However, if “board of directors” were to come before the organization, it would not be capitalized.

Do you capitalize Psalm?

Books of the Bible are always capitalized but never italicized. When referencing a book of the Bible, the word “book” is generally lowercased. 2 Chronicles; Second Chronicles; the second book of the Chronicles. Psalms (but a psalm).

Is Mayor capitalized AP style?

Formal titles, such as mayor, governor, councilman, delegate, etc., should be capitalized when they appear before a name. They should be lowercase in other uses.

Is State capitalized AP style?

When referring to the physical location, both the Associated Press (AP) Stylebook and the Chicago Manual of Style indicate that the word “state” is not capitalized in cases like “the state of California” and “the state of Missouri.” The word “state” would be capitalized, however, when referring to the governmental body …

Does faith need to be capitalized?

The official profile of the word faith is dominated by Faith with an upper-case ‘F’.

Does Catholic Church need to be capitalized?

Generally, yes. If you are referring to the Catholic Church, then “Catholic” and “Church” should be capitalized since they refer to a proper noun. If you are referring to someone who practices Catholicism, then you should capitalize Catholic as well.

Should your grace be capitalized?

Should these be capitalized when addressing the person: ‘your grace’, ‘my lord’, ‘your majesty’? Yes, they should be capitalised when addressing the person. “Your Grace” for dukes (and marquesses in some countries).