Does Regency make good fireplaces?

Does Regency make good fireplaces?

Regency is one of the most popular gas fireplace manufacturers. Their embrace of the use of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and their commitment to quality and customer service, their hearth products are in high demand throughout the world.

Where are Regency fireplace Products made?

North America
Regency Fireplace Products Regency products are proudly made in North America. We use only the finest materials in our manufacturing facilities; taking pride in building a reliable, quality product.

How does a Regency fireplace work?

Regency gas fireplace inserts can operate on natural gas or propane. A gas insert offers all the comfort, warmth, and ambiance of a fire without the need to chop, store, and haul wood. Experience Regency’s industry leading flame picture and ambiance at the push of a button with a new gas fireplace insert.

How good are Regency wood stoves?

Regency wood stoves are over 76% efficient. Using less wood means less chopping, less hauling, and less loading!

Where is the serial number on a Regency fireplace?

“Regency” is printed on the front, bottom left corner of the pedestals of the stoves. The following model and serial numbers are included in the recall and are printed on a label located on the inside of the front panel door.

Does a fireplace actually heat a room?

Fireplaces won’t be able to heat a room as well as a wood stove is able to, but you’ll still feel warmth sitting nearer to an open fire. Wood burning fireplaces aren’t known for their ability to generate large amounts of heat for a room.

Can you manually light a gas fireplace with electronic ignition?

It’s easy to know how to turn on a gas fireplace with an electronic ignition wall switch. Many gas fireplaces come equipped with a wall switch control panel for activating the unit and adjusting the level of the flame. Simply push the “On” button and the pilot should ignite.

What is a regency wood fireplace?

A Regency wood fireplace combines the ageless love of a natural fire with today’s lifestyle and the latest technology. Regency Greenfire pellet stoves and inserts are an environmentally friendly way to heat your home and save money. Regency Greenfire pellet stoves and inserts are an environmentally friendly way to heat your home and save money.

What is a regency gas stove?

Regency Gas Stoves have the ambiance of a freestanding wood stove but offer you the convenience of gas. Designed to amaze, built to last, the Regency outdoor fireplace collection is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression!

What are the different types of Regency electric fireplace heaters?

Regency Skope Electric Fireplaces heaters are available in one of four frameless perspectives; a multi-sided fireplace that can be installed as a 3-sided bay or 2-sided corner and a single-sided fireplace in three sizes. Are you prepared for a power outage? We want to help your family stay warm and safe this storm season.