Does TSTC have dorms?

Does TSTC have dorms?

TSTC Student Housing. Living on one of our statewide college campuses can be a great part of life at TSTC, where you get to live in close proximity to other students outside of the classroom.

Does TSTC have a gym?

Basketball, volleyball, game room, fitness center – we have it all at our recreation center. There’s always something to do when not training in labs. Grab your TSTC merchandise and supplies at our Campus Store.

What are the benefits of attending a 2 year college?

Benefits of Community College

  • Lower Tuition & Fees. No matter which college you attend or which major you choose, your first two years will mainly consist of the same set of classes.
  • Opportunity to Improve Your Transcript.
  • Lower Living Costs.
  • Greater Flexibility.
  • Easier to Work.
  • More Support.
  • High-Quality Professors.

Is it better to go to college for 2 or 4 years?

The two-year college is a vital pathway toward the more advanced educational opportunities that a four-year university offers. Most programs require at least two years, but less than four years of full-time college work. A 4-year university provides a larger institution for students to gain an accredited degree.

Why is a four-year college better?

What are the benefits of attending a four-year college? You’ll be educated in a wide variety of subjects through general education requirements. Shorter programs often don’t require as many (or any) general education requirements. At a four-year institution, you will get a well-rounded education outside of your major.

Why stay at TSTC Harlingen?

At TSTC in Harlingen, you’re in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, just 40 miles from the South Padre Island beach and just north of the Mexican border. You will experience the culture that is rich in the RGV area through local restaurants, festivals and more.

Does Texas State Technical College Harlingen have dual enrollment?

(HARLINGEN, Texas) – Many Rio Grande Valley high schoolers are taking advantage of Texas State Technical College’s dual enrollment program this school year. TSTC has active dual enrollment partnerships for the 2021-22 school year with Brownsville ISD, Harlingen CISD, La Feria ISD, Los Fresnos…

Why study in Harlingen?

Our campus in Harlingen is rich in culture with an emphasis on student success. Our campus in Harlingen is rich in culture with an emphasis on student success.

What can I do at TSTC?

You’ll have full access to our Learning Resource Center, gymnasium, cafeteria, sand volleyball courts, outdoor seating, study rooms, student lounge, basketball courts, and more. We even have an online campus store for all your TSTC merchandise and supplies.