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Essay writing algorithm

Your ability to write an essay will be helpful to you throughout your life. A simple essay writing scheme will be useful for creating a business letter template, and even marketing materials for your organization or company. Speaking of essay standard structure, your attention should be paid to the following three elements.


You explain why the topic has been chosen, its significance and relevance, formulate the problem and main features. The relevance of the topic lies in the potential value of its consideration, compliance with the present status quo, it indicates the need for and the timeliness of studying and providing solutions for society as a whole.

  • You have to explain why you write about this topic.
  • Indicate the problem raised by the author.
  • Highlight its relevance: This problem remains highly topical in our present-day reality, in the modern world, for our country and the entire world community, for our family, for me personally (if possible, explain why).

In the introduction, you define the problem and your attitude to it.

Main part

This is an analysis of the viewpoint of the author of the statement, your view of the problem and the definition of scientific terms on the proposed topic and their disclosure. How the author sees the problem, considers, expresses, mentions deals with the issue (retell the author’s point of view in your own words).

Your opinion, attitude to the author’s understanding of the problem.

  • The author (surname and first name) is completely right – but…
  • It is undoubtedly true, as the author has stated…
  • I agree, in part, with the author’s view…
  • I share entirely the view of the author…

Arguments relating to specific provisions: the point and arguments.

You can provide links to other authorities in your reasoning:

  • Science has an opinion…
  • There are several authorities supporting the view that…
  • Some scientists today take a different view…

Do not forget the examples and references from historical and other experience and references to your own experience and practice.

  • The point (your thinking on the issue)
  • Arguments (the way you prove the point), they can be in the form of facts, phenomena, scientific evidence, events, life experience, references to the scientific consensus or influential individuals…

The text includes professional terms (concepts) and their explanation. Do not overdo with definitions (no more than 2-3).

Each paragraph of the main part unpacks a specific problem or one of its sides and logically is a continuation of each other. If anything comes up, consult professional paper writing service to deal with it.


The last paragraph of your essay is the conclusion. This paragraph can also be short, and it should be associated with the introduction. In the introduction, you state the reason. And in conclusion, you summarize and confirm your thesis.

  • Summarize or make a generalized conclusion on the issue (topic) of the statement.
  • Draw conclusions on the problem based on your opinion, a short description of your thoughts.
  • Give a brief view of the topic. Do not repeat thoughts in the conclusion.

And do not forget that you are writing an essay of a small length and open composition expressing your individual impressions and thoughts on a specific subject or question that is free from claims to be a determining or exhaustive interpretation of the subject.