How can I complain to cybercrime in India?

How can I complain to cybercrime in India?

Register a written complaint to your immediate cyber cell in the city. File an F.I.R. in the local police station. In case of non-acceptance of your complaint, you can always refer the complaint to the commissioner or judicial magistrate of the city.

How can I contact cyber cell India?

Hitech Cell PHQ. Contact: (0471) 2721547.

  • Cyber Police Station (TVM) Contact: (0471) 2322090.
  • Thiruvananthapuram City. Contact: (0471) 2329107.
  • Thiruvananthapuram Rural. Contact: (0471) 2303066.
  • Kollam City. Contact: (0474) 2744165.
  • Kollam Rural. Contact: (0474) 2450180.
  • Pathanamthitta. Contact: (0468) 2327914.
  • Alappuzha.
  • How can I check my cybercrime complaint status?

    Check Status of Cyber Crime Complaint online @cybercrime.gov.in

    1. Login to your account on the official portal i.e. cybercrime.gov.in.
    2. Once logged in, click on “Check Status”

    How do you write a cyber complaint?

    1. Go to the online portal.
    2. In the given page please click “Report Other Cyber Crime” menu option.
    3. A new screen will be provided.
    4. Applicant will reach another page.
    5. User will reach login page.
    6. Please complete the prompted details as appropriate and click “Get OTP” button to get OTP in your mobile.

    How do I complain to FIA?

    1. Email: [email protected].
    2. Helpline: 111-345-786.
    3. Address: FIA Headquarters, Muhammad Tufail Niazi Rd, G 9/4, Islamabad, PK.

    How do I report a website in India?

    If you want to report something other than Cybercrime cases or in case of an emergency please contact your local police by dialing 100. Complaints reported on this portal are dealt by respective police authorities of States/ UTs based on the information in the complaints provided by the complainants.

    What is cyber crime cell of Delhi Police?

    The Cyber Crime Cell of Delhi Police is a specialised unit that handles all complex and sensitive cases of cyber crime including those in which victims are women and children.

    What is the cyber crime complaint portal?

    This portal is an initiative of Government of India to facilitate victims/complainants to report cyber crime complaints online. This portal caters to complaints pertaining to cyber crimes only with special focus on cyber crimes against women and children.

    What to do if you are a victim of cyber crime?

    If you are a victim of Cyber Crime, you need to approach a cyber crime cell in your city or can launch a complaint with local Police Station, who will, in turn, forward the complaint to a nearest Cyber Crime Cell. Following are some of the relevant addresses of the Cyber Crime Cells:

    What is the email address of the Jharkhand police cybercrime Department?

    [email protected] 16 Jharkhand Ms. Vijaya Laxmi SP [email protected] Sh. Ranjit Prasad IGP 0651-2490046 [email protected] 17 KARNATAKA Sh M D SHARATH SP (Cyber Crime Division) [email protected] Sh.